What Type of Camera Do You Shoot With?

I think I forget sometimes that not everybody has the same photography equipment. I feel like I tend to focus on the SLR side of things while ignoring the other camera-type users. I haven’t heard any complaints or topic suggestions that would lead me to believe that a majority of you don’t have an SLR camera — but maybe I’m blissfully unaware.

Don’t get me wrong — I have nothing against non-SLR cameras and the photographers who use them. I’d just like to know who I’m writing to. If 80% of you shoot with a compact camera, I should probably muster up some tips for compact camera use. If most of you have a dSLR, then I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. And if a majority of you don’t have a camera… well, what the heck are you doing here anyways? Just kidding, everybody’s welcome to read and comment.

So… let’s find out what we’re dealing with here. Take the poll below to tell me what type of camera you shoot with. You may have multiple cameras, so pick the one that you use the most or like the best. If your camera type is not on the list, add it to the list — just try to refrain from being a smart-ass.

Seriously though people, take the poll — it takes two seconds and it’s anonymous. Two clicks — that’s it. And for you feed readers — get over to the site and cast your vote (I’m pretty sure the voting doohickey doesn’t show up in the feed).

Camera Poll Results

I’ll leave this thing open until the end of May, then I’ll write up the results. Also, if you don’t shoot with an SLR, I’m curious to know why. Leave a comment and let me know what’s holding you back — I may be able to address some concerns or questions about moving up to an SLR in a future post.

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25 thoughts on “What Type of Camera Do You Shoot With?

  1. THEjdawg

    I actually use both a DSLR and a compact. Of course I use the DSLR about 98% of the time but I carry a compact with me in my car at all times just in case I come across something. Usually on the way to work or coming home.

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    That’s not a bad idea — I’ve had more than one occasion when I wished I had a camera with me in the car. My compact usually ends up residing in my Wife’s purse though.

  3. Dustin

    I currently use a compact mainly because I’ve just really started learning. I own a Panasonic Lumix LX2 which I’m told is a good compact to learn and experiment with white balance, aperture, and all the other settings. Hopefully one day if I can get comfortable with this stuff, I’ll graduate to a DSLR, but until that day they’re too expensive for me to get. BTW, love the site, please keep up the good work.

  4. Brian Auer Post author

    Thanks for the comments Dustin — I think you’ll find that the technical aspects of photography will come relatively easy. Just surround yourself with other photographers, read everything you can on photography, subscribe to a few magazines, and take a ton of photos. Before long, you’ll be itching to have more control over your camera, and the technical stuff will become second nature.

  5. Brian Auer Post author

    That’s pretty awesome — I’ve never tried one, but I’ve seen some amazing work come out of them. I know there are people out there who shoot nothing but Holga, so that’s why I put the “Toy” category in there.

  6. Origin

    I shot digital for a long time. Eventually I fell into rangefinders, and haven’t looked back. Probably becuase my back didn’t hurt so much carrying around a couple rangefinders as opposed to 50 pounds of digital SLR gear. I still shoot an old Minotlta X-700 SLR from time to time. Feels good to look through some long glass now and then.

  7. Brian Auer Post author

    This just shows how ignorant I am about film — I didn’t even include rangefinders in the poll! Upon educating myself a little bit (Wikipedia is a good thing), I see that there are also digital rangefinders (such as the Lecia M8). It’s funny, I’ve heard about and seen these types of cameras before. I guess I just didn’t know what type of camera they were classified as. Well… I learned something new today. Thanks.

  8. laanba

    I started on a point and shoot and am now using a digital SLR. But I always carry my point and shoot with me (I’m a girl so I can throw it in my purse) and I’ve just started using a Holga on occasion.

    I wish the technical side came easily to me, but it doesn’t. Although I will admit to not immersing myself in it either. I’ll get around to it eventually. :-)

  9. Thalia

    Hello Brian,

    I currently use a compact camera, an Olympus Camedia c310, but I would love to get a DSLR soon. I haven’t gone SLR yet simply because I started photography as recently as 3 months! I am simply loving it and cant wait to get hold of a DSLR.Although, I dont own an SLR yet, I find your posts very helpful in understanding how to work with SLR cameras. So please continue to post blogs about SLRs. I am using your blog as an e-learning forum for photography! :-)

  10. ceruin

    I am beginner a in photography and I like to carry compact along, because most of the times I find it hard to concetrate in taking pictures using my DSLR without worrying people chase me away after lookng at the tripod, bulky camera and lens (it happened several times). Would love to know techniques using compact better and take beautiful pictures. And of course how to avoid being chased away? :(

  11. Brian Auer Post author

    Chased away??? Really? I haven’t had that one happen to me yet — some people just stare.

    For the compact camera tips, I’ve got a few ideas rolling around in my head.

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  14. Alan

    My vote goes for a rangefinder camera also. There are pros and cons of SLR versus Rangefinder and everyone will have their preferences. My vote just lands on the rangefinder side of the fence.

    Why – well they tend to be smaller and have no moving inners so I think they are more able to accommodate rough handling on a trip to the outdoors and don’t make a noise when you take the shot so less chance of disturbing wildlife or the subject. I could be wrong here as I have not conducted live tests it just seems as though they are better.

    Great blog, I learned a lot from reading a few other articles also.

  15. the_wolf_brigade

    I wish the poll was still open…still here’s what I shoot with:

    - A selection of film SLR’s (3)
    - A selection of film rangefinders (2)
    - A Pentax 6×7
    – A digital bridge camera

    I think that covers it, although this year I’d like to add a toy camera and a pinhole to my collection…

  16. mike


    I use a compact camera….really because it is quick and easy, and I don’t have the time to learn how to use a “real” camera properly. I do have a question though, for someone who just wants to take quick pics, is there a way I can get decent ones? Another photograper I spoke to says to just take lots of pics of the subject with different angles and delete the junk ones. Any other suggestions?

  17. Brian Auer Post author

    Mike, compacts are cool too if that’s what you like using — nothing at all wrong with that. Though I’d say that the newer entry level dSLR cameras are quite easy to use and offer a range from fully automatic (like most compact cameras) to fully manual (like the old film cameras). The nice thing about this is that you can ease into the more advanced stuff at your own pace.

    As for getting decent pics… that’s a pretty deep topic. There’s not really an answer to that, but there is plenty of advice out there. The biggest thing (for me) is practice. Keep shooting, have a vision of what you want your photos to look like, and eventually you’ll start moving in that direction. I don’t dare offer more detailed advice than that because there’s no possible way I can give you any answer that will cover every side of that topic. So just keep shooting and enjoying what you’re doing, the rest will follow.

  18. Derek Kennedy

    My ‘main’ camera is a Canon 40D, but I am going back a bit to film. I recently purchased a Hasselblad 500cm so I’m getting into using that. I also purchased a Pentax K1000 SE that I want to use more. I also have started to use a Leica M5.

    I love digital but I really do miss aspects of film so this is why I am using those 3 film cameras. I’d like to shoot more medium format film but its not available locally so I have to order it in – and if I do that: I have to order enough to make it worth the shipping charges.

    The advantage (for me) of shooting digital is immediate availability of the image(s), and the ease of getting that photo to the computer (no developing time, no scanning required). But heck – film is fun darn it! :)

    I miss driving home with my knees and looking at my prints, hoping for a red light to give me more time to look at them before I get home.

    And to hear the noise of the Blad, or the K1000 when you trip the shutter? Very satisfying!

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