When’s Your Favorite Time of Day to Shoot?

A great photo can be taken at any time, day or night. But I’m sure we all have our favorite times to get out with the camera and snap some shots. Some like the soft light of sunrise, some like the harsh shadows in the afternoon, some like the rich warm colors in the evening, and some like to shoot in the dark. When do you enjoy shooting most? Do you tend to get better shots at certain times of the day? Take the poll, and if you’d like to elaborate as to why it’s your favorite photography time of the day, do so in the comments.

When's Your Favorite Time of Day to Shoot?

Don’t forget to check the results of last week’s poll “What’s Your Favorite Focal Length?” We pretty much had a bell shaped curve on that one with 15mm to 85mm making up a majority of the votes, and 51mm to 85mm taking the cake.

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6 thoughts on “When’s Your Favorite Time of Day to Shoot?

  1. kRiZ cPEc

    Actually I like to shoot at dusk–from the moment the sun sets till it’s all dark. But since I could only pick one between sunset and night, I opt the second one — when it’s dark, a city could look completely different from daytime.

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