What Movie Should Every Photographer See?

Some movies are so well filmed that you wish you were actually there with your camera. You spend the whole time looking for the shots that you would consider to be great photos. I watched one such movie tonight (300), and it made be beg the question: how many other photographically inclined movies are out there? I’ve seeded the poll with just three movies that I think photographers can pick up some experience on, and I want the rest of you to either add movies to the list or vote for one already on the list. I’m sure we can all discover one or two new films worth watching in the name of photography.

What Movie Should Every Photographer See?

And based on the results of last week’s poll on “Who’s The Best Aftermarket Lens Maker“, it looks like Sigma lenses are more popular than Tamron and Tokina. A LOT more popular.

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10 thoughts on “What Movie Should Every Photographer See?

  1. Ryan

    300 and Sin City were great!!! I haven’t seen Baraka yet….I will have to go see that one. One that comes to my mind I just remember it had some amazing scenery is the The Last Samurai.

  2. tokyowars

    I added “Hakuchi: The Idiot” because from both an image perspective and story line it is absolutely amazing.

    Problem is, it isn’t available in English subtitles (unless you’re of the p2p persuasion which is how I saw it).

    The main protagonist shoots a lot on 8mm and it was moments like that that I wished I was there with a camera…

  3. Grums

    I voted for Sleepy Hollow. I love the worlds Tim Burton create so it was a obvious choice for me. I do like movies with beatfiul scenes, but haven’t seen all the movies so I’ll put them on my list of movies to buy.

    However when I saw the title of this post I thought we should wote on movies like Pecker: http://imdb.com/title/tt0126604/

  4. Andrew Ferguson

    Movie… singular? There are dozens of movies where I get the photographer feeling, but none quite as strongly as Amelie and Oldboy. Park Chan-Wook’s work on the other two films in his Korean vengeance trilogy comes close though.

    The scene of Amelie in the red dress, skipping stones on the canal. Oh Dae-Su standing next to an old reel-to-reel player, a massive painting of a curling ocean wave framing his head. The television of the glass man. Oh Dae-Su and Mido, unconscious in a bed as two men in gas masks stand watch.

    I could name scenes from either, all day long.

  5. tokyowars

    Err…just realised that my addition should have been “Hakuchi: The Innocent” rather than “The Idiot” which is a totally different film by Kurosawa, though I guess it doesn’t matter much since most people are unlikely to have seen the film I’m referring to…

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  7. M

    Control – directed by photographer Anton Corbijn is a stunning b&w flick
    Memoirs of a Geisha – visually stunning

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