PhotoDump 09-16-2007

Good week full of great images and lots of new friends. Here are my selections. I thought there would be fewer — maybe I need to be a little pickier. Visit the artists; show them some appreciation. And be sure to check out last week’s PhotoDump if you missed it.

39 new favorites from Flickr and 76 contacts.

27 new favorites from Zooomr and 34 contacts.


From xoeiFrom ezee as hellFrom xoeiFrom Waqas AhmedFrom TyrebaggerFrom It'sGregFrom kwerfeldeinFrom xoeiFrom harpyFrom andariaFrom |\/|attFrom Benoît J. SchecterFrom UnfurledFrom cabbitFrom EyejarFrom *Fly*From Steve CraneFrom Waqas AhmedFrom privatepiggFrom HuskerFrom daveraleighFrom NDLJFrom Daniel HellermanFrom Jon of SMAFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom |\/|attFrom peasapFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom ezee as hellFrom kwerfeldeinFrom anesthezeaFrom xysmasFrom xysmasFrom xysmasFrom BrianLarterFrom mattsimpson.nameFrom cutfarm33From kk+From Unfurled


R0018842A Lot of LivingClinicaldivideedit_pt_20070904_104_hdrbΩ / omegaTreesOnenessFlowersfirst class transportUnspoken dreams!ManarolaHomewardTime Out of MindsymbolicDying LovefollowSickle MowerSkirmishvalley_bw_03risingStand Talltributeheavenly lightsstep inSoft Like Her Lips2004-09-29_strand_sunset

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7 thoughts on “PhotoDump 09-16-2007

  1. Brian Auer Post author

    Really guys, the pleasure is all mine. I like the photos, I like giving other people the chance to see them, and I like giving what exposure I can to the great photographers who take them.

    My hope is that these photos will inspire other people in the same way they’ve inspired me. Since I really started paying attention to my Flickr and Zooomr contacts, I’ve noticed that my picture-taking and photo-editing habits have been changing. I’m learning a lot about what makes a good photo in my own eyes.

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