Five Fantastic Flickr Photographers

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As I’ve recently become more active with Flickr, I’ve encountered some amazing photographers. I realize that I’ve only seen a glimpse of the artists out there, and I’m truly excited to continue exploring this community. Out of my 100+ contacts (which isn’t many at all), I find myself being drawn to the works of a select few. Here are five photographers who absolutely amaze me.

Martin Gommel


- Germany

The New Hope Fantasies and Escapism

I admire Martin’s amazing landscape photography and his incredible ability to capture a scene. His images are extremely well thought out and it’s easy to tell that he aims for perfection. They convey a true sense of scale and many of his landscapes look too good to be real. I’m also a fan of Martin’s architecture photos and his black & white work. Martin also has a photography blog and a photoblog.

Emily Higginson


- Canada

infinity and clarity slip

Emily’s style is truly unique. It’s hard to fully describe, but it’s dark and I love it. I can’t say that any one of her genres really stands out from the rest of her work, but anything she displays has a great sense of mood about it. Emily comes across as being highly artistic and creative with the camera and post-processing. In addition to the photos shown here, her people shots are quite interesting too.

Jim Goldstein


- America

Mt. Whitney Pre-Dawn, Arch View Celestial Wind

Jim is like the younger version of Art Wolfe; he’s certainly proven his ability in outdoor photography. His nature and landscape photographs exhibit parts of our world at its absolute best, and they show the untamed beauty of it all. Recently, Jim has also been producing some stunning cityscapes, particularly at night. Jim also has a photography blog and an online gallery.

Anoop Negi


- India

Racing with the Bulls! The Grim Reapers /~

Anoop has a gifted ability to convey a sense of culture in his photos. He truly captures the moment and brings his viewers right into the scene. Photographing people in their environment is a difficult area to tackle, and Anoop does it quite well. He doesn’t limit his abilities to culture; he also has an impressive set of landscape and countryside photos. Anoop also has a photography blog.

Marko Kosovcevic


- Serbia

Bench with a view Electric fields

Marko has a fantastic ability to present images in new and intriguing ways. His compositions, use of texture, other post-processing techniques transform an ordinary subject into a work of art. The scenes that Marko presents have a sense of strange reality to them, sometimes as if you were looking into another world. Marko also has a photography blog.

Honorable Mentions

Stopping my list at 5 was quite difficult, and I have many more favorites. So to help soften the blow with my other favorite photographers, here are 5 more that also deserve a look.

Be sure to check out all these great photographers, add them as a friend, star their photos, leave comments on their work, let them know they are appreciated. Following the work of others is a great way to improve your own photography and it’s quite inspirational. If you want to see more of my contacts, head over to my Flickr profile. And since I’m interested in meeting new artists, leave a comment with a link to your favorite Flickr photographer.

If you enjoyed reading this article, take a look at my weekly PhotoDumps.

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56 thoughts on “Five Fantastic Flickr Photographers

  1. the_wolf_brigade

    A photodump feature AND an honourable mention? You’ve seriously made my day. Thanks!

    Thanks also for the constant inspiration from the site and the photodumps. Both constantly open my mind to both new techniques and different perspectives.

  2. Ryan Claybaugh

    I think stuck in customs should have also been on this list. I have no idea what his name is or anything about him, but i love the way he captures earth at its fullest.

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  4. Satyan

    Beautiful choice of photographers from India to Europe to the Americas.

    I have seen some of the works of Gommel and those of Anoop Negi ( known on flickr as “ezee as hell” ) for quite some time now and am a great fan of his for the wide range of photographs that he seems to take.

    I will see the work of others you have chosen.

    Thank you for your work.

  5. Brian Auer Post author

    What can I say? I like the photos you’ve been cranking out. I’m glad that you’re finding inspiration from my selections of photos — that’s the main reason I do it. I find that when I post the photos from other people, I tend to soak them in a little better than if I were just skimming them on Flickr. As for the Holga stuff, I tend to like most things Holga too — it’s such an interesting form of photography, in the equipment & process and in the results.

  6. Brian Auer Post author

    You’re right Chris — Martin is known for leaving comments on a lot of his onlooker’s photos. I was quite surprised when I first met him that he was commenting on many of my photos. It’s no wonder he has so many contacts! He’s a good guy, and I get the feeling that he spends quite a bit of time on Flickr.

    Dave’s photography is really interesting. He seems to have a really good handle on capturing lines and repeating patterns. Some of his stuff is really catchy.

  7. Brian Auer Post author

    Wow Emily, Christopher has some really great stuff. The two of your styles are similar in that kind of strange… dark… interesting kind of way. I don’t know why I’ve never checked him out before — I’ve seen him leave about 1000 comments on your photos.

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  9. Brian Auer Post author

    Thanks Paul, I can always count on PhotographyVoter for some good traffic. Things over there seem to be constantly growing — that’s good news for all of us.

  10. Brian Auer Post author

    I’m also a follower of Trey Ratcliff (Stuck in Customs), but I didn’t include him on purpose. It’s not that I don’t think his work is great (because it is), but he’s a popular guy on his own. I wanted to focus more on the amazing photographers who haven’t gone completely mainstream. In addition to that, I feel like my choice of photographers in this article falls in line better with my own personal taste in photography. These are artists that I can really relate to on many different levels.

  11. Brian Auer Post author

    Thanks Lau. Yes, Marko is an interesting fellow. He has a pretty unique way of presenting a scene. I’m excited to see future works from him.

  12. laanba

    What a great list of photographers, thanks Brian. I definitely have some new contacts.

    Hands down my favorite photographer on Flickr is Nicointhebus.
    Just take a few minutes to look through his sets and you will see.

    I will also give a plug to my friend SlightClutter.
    She has such a strong sense of her style and vision and brings it out in every shot. I’m still trying to figure out my style.

  13. Brian Auer Post author

    Hey, thanks for the leads on these two great photographers! I found some really amazing work in their profiles.

    I think we should start a club, I haven’t found my style yet either.

  14. Jim Goldstein

    Brian I’m honored to be included. Thank you very much for including me in your top 5. I got side tracked traveling the week you posted this hence the delayed response. Thanks again!

  15. Carol G.

    I stumbled across johopo photos while looking for a print of Cathedral Rock for over my fireplace.
    I love his photo.

    Is there a website or contact information for John? I’d like to see if he sells any prints?

    I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

  16. Brian Auer Post author

    The only way that I can see to get in touch with him is through Flickr. He doesn’t have any external websites listed. Do you have a Flickr account? Or would you like me to forward your contact info to him?

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  18. Jason Williams

    These are amazing. Great inspiration. I also like that you picked photographers from different countries. I like seeing the variety of both photographers and cultures.

  19. Phil Price

    Great post, I always enjoy finding new photographers. A few of my favourites that have not already been mentioned:

    Zeb Andrews – amazing macro work and pinhole landscapes

    Eric Lafforgue – great travel sets. Check out his recent trip to N.Korea

    T Glow (Tadeu Glowacki) – his landscapes really do seem to glow

    Tiquetonne2067 – ‘moody’ images, mostly of France

    and if you really want more, try:


    Cesar Zarallo:
    Alonso Diaz:
    Cory Freeman:


    Virginia Zozoya:
    riti vita finzi:
    Karen Strolia:

    Sorry for so many links, but it was hard to leave anyone out!

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  21. Elena

    Interesting set of photos and its owners details shared here. A good photographer don’t need advertisements. The photos will work for him. I find that Emily Higginson photo’s are creepier.

  22. Nancy

    All these photographers seem to be really talented. I checked out all of their photos/profiles and I believe I liked the photos of jim goldstein the most.

  23. Rehan Ahmed

    These All Photographers have natural talent but i really like Anoop’s work , he really have some abilities To Capture beautiful Cultural Moments .

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