Photodump 10-07-2007

Another great week of photos from my contacts, along with a few new friends. Here are my selections — Visit the artists — show them some appreciation. And be sure to check out last week’s PhotoDump if you missed it.

18 new favorites from Flickr and 103 contacts.

28 new favorites from Zooomr and 40 contacts.


From UnfurledFrom jimgoldsteinFrom elwisty1From cabbitFrom TyrebaggerFrom RygoodFrom xoeiFrom jimgoldsteinFrom rexauerFrom skinrFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom edzartsFrom kwerfeldeinFrom jimgoldsteinFrom xgrayFrom THEjdawgFrom Pulok Pattanayak


Poison-Tipped Porcupine QuillsFirst lightHeart So TenderWhen We Meet AgainDavid & GoliathSkylightJunkheadJoint VentureScalesEyes Wide OpenElectric BluePiper at the Gates of Dawn!Going In CirclesPretty OneAn Ode To LifeDoorway to the KingPortugal07_ 178 (2 von 20)Portugal07_ 384 (20 von 20)Don't Leave Me Here AloneConcrete RainbowPlay With YouEye seed!Meet you at the tracks.The End of My DayShe Makes My Nights Shinesaw 4On a Dangerous Road

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9 thoughts on “Photodump 10-07-2007

  1. Brian Auer Post author

    You know, there’s something amazing about the square crop mosaic. It looks great and it’s slightly mysterious since it cuts out a tiny amount of the photos.

    Hey man, nothing is stopping you from doing the same type of post. We’ll start a revolution, and we’ll call it “The Brian Auer Photo Favorite Fantastico!” LOL, but seriously I think it would be neat to see the same type of thing from other Flickr and Zooomr users. I’m always intrigued by seeing different people’s taste for photos.

  2. Jenni

    From me, too: Thanks for adding two of my photos :)

    And because you said you aren’t opposed to others doing the same, I added a similar post to my blog.

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