Poll Results: MegaPixel Madness

This is the part of the week where I would normally pose a new question to be voted on. But this week’s poll is yesterday’s post — make sure you vote for your favorite photos from the latest project if you haven’t already. I’ll post and discuss the results next Tuesday, and I’ll do a regular poll on Wednesday.

How Many MegaPixels Are Enough?

The results from the last poll (How Many MegaPixels Are Enough?) are pretty interesting. A majority of the votes go to 10MP, but there were also quite a few pixel-hungry voters. Never enough… come on. There’s got to be some kind of limit. The 10MP peak is kind of interesting — aren’t most entry/mid level dSLRs in the 10MP range? I wonder if that has anything to do with the answers. And apparently the number 14 is not popular — so take note Canon, Nikon, and Sony — release your new cameras with either 12 or 16, not 14; nobody will buy them.

Also take a look at the comments from the poll page. Lot’s of good insightful discussions in there from some knowledgeable sources.

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