A Roundup of Environmental Photography

So Blog Action Day took place this last Monday (10-15-07), and I was keeping my eyes peeled for photography-related articles. I didn’t see a ton of them, but I was glad to see a few others participating in the event. Here are some of the “Environment & Photography” posts I came across.

In addition to these articles, there’s a great photo-of-the-day website called EarthShots.org. The site is aimed at celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet by featuring the photographs submitted by their visitors. The featured photos are truly amazing work, and you can even subscribe to the EarthShots.org RSS Feed so you don’t miss out on any of the new picks.

Earth Shots Photo of the Day

Anybody can enter photos, and your entries can be chosen up to one month after submission. The winners aren’t always fully natural landscape photos, so take a look through their archives to see what kind of content they look for. I’ve submitted my first photo entry tonight, and I plan to submit more in the near future. So check out the site, and you might have a chance to be featured in a video like this:

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5 thoughts on “A Roundup of Environmental Photography

  1. Lau

    This is an interesting topic. I’ve been looking before at earthshots.org and they really are amazing.
    More or less on-topic: I’ve finished the Environmental Science University and currently learning an Environmental Security Master. ;) It’s there that I started my passion for nature photography.

  2. Dino De Lellis

    I Agree , well done, Nature Photography is an excellent medium to help spread the awareness for the Natural World , more awareness leads to more interest and in turn that leads to more concern. This could possibly help the shift into nature conservation.

    I particularly like the part about how to be an environment friendly photographer , as many nature guides say the ” Leave nature untouched a beautiful snapshot is all the souvenir you need “.

  3. Environmentalist

    Thanks for the heads-up on Earthshots, I went over and checked them out for a bit, beautiful pictures.

    It’s amazing how one great photo can grab just enough attention to cause someone to want to learn about something. Photography is an incredible tool for anything science-related, which can seem dull with words alone.

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