I’ve been doing these PhotoDumps for two months now, and it’s time to re-evaluate how I do these. If you’ve been following the little stats I give each week, you’ll notice that my Flickr contacts are multiplying while my Zooomr contacts are not. My time spent on Flickr seems to be ever-expanding, probably because it has such a large user base and there are so many great photos to explore.

I’m feeling like Zooomr is taking time away from Flickr, and it’s a more difficult interface to work with. I don’t have a pro-account with Zooomr, so I feel obligated to check the zipline several times per day so I don’t miss any new photos. These sites shouldn’t be about that, so starting today I won’t be tracking my Zooomr contacts photos for the purpose of this weekly feature. I’ll still follow people on Zooomr and upload photos to Zooomr, but I won’t be spending as much time on the site.

So from here out, I’ll just be displaying photos from Flickr. Sorry to those who use Zooomr exclusively, but my time is limited. I’d rather really look through photos on one site than skim photos on two sites. Also, I’ll be changing the way I do things on Flickr for the PhotoDump. This week, I’ll work on starting up a group for the Epic Edits readers to submit their photos. I’ll then pull photos from the pool rather than my photostream. So next week will be the last freebie for my contacts.

Be sure to check out last week’s PhotoDump if you missed it.

48 new favorites from 183 Flickr contacts.

13 new favorites from 52 Zooomr contacts.


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From slight clutterFrom edzartsFrom cszarFrom hey mr glenFrom u.linderFrom UnfurledFrom | GW |From skinrFrom Johnny BloodFrom YeuxMarrons.com (rcsmit2308)From paul indigoFrom Rui PalhaFrom framefreezerFrom peasapFrom kwerfeldeinFrom skinrFrom AdeleSFrom THEjdawgFrom snjezana.From johopo (John)From feldaugeFrom xysmasFrom edzartsFrom hey mr glenFrom Magoo23From RandyFrom noeltykayFrom Soliz PhotographyFrom hey mr glenFrom Colour VoidFrom thescatteredimageFrom PicMaxFrom lateott_156From --Steve--From Pulok PattanayakFrom kwerfeldeinFrom deborah lattimoreFrom harpyFrom Yong HweeFrom AdeleSFrom dro!dFrom sneuwegerFrom Michael MehlFrom neilcreekFrom UnfurledFrom thescatteredimageFrom u.linderFrom angie_real Angela  Lobefaro


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Ooo… an Epic Edits group. How fun! Looking forward to it.

October 28, 2007 7:48 pm

Well, I guess I know I’ll have at least one member in the group. I’ll try to get it set up in the next day or two and I’ll notify everybody on the blog.

October 28, 2007 8:39 pm

I joined. Great idea I think, much easier to keep up with everything.

I spot some Rui Palha :D

October 29, 2007 4:53 am

Again, thanks for including one of my photos. Another excellent display.

October 29, 2007 1:33 pm

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