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So I made a Flickr group yesterday. As I mentioned in the last PhotoDump, I’m becoming overwhelmed with all the new photos from my contacts. One thing I’m doing is cutting the Zooomr PhotoDump to make more time and room for Flickr. The other thing I’d like to do is get a group going on Flickr so I can really focus in on all of you.

Join the Epic Edits Flickr Group

From here out, I’ll be pulling photos for the weekly PhotoDump from the group pool. Every Sunday, I’ll still post a PhotoDump on the blog, but it will be my selections of photos from the pool. I’ll probably try to limit the number of photos to somewhere between 20 and 40. I had been pulling photos from my contacts photostream, but there are a few flaws with doing that. One issue is that there are just so many new photos it’s hard to keep up. The other issue is that Flickr only shows 5 photos from a bulk upload, meaning that if you upload 10 new photos I’ll only see 5 of them. Not cool.

The Epic Edits PhotoDump group is intended to be a place for the Epic Edits readers to gather and show off their best stuff. I’ve limited pool submissions to 1 photo per day because I want you to pick out your most outstanding work… plus it reduces my workload. The other rule I’d like you to adhere to is the “freshness” of the photo — I want to see things uploaded within the last 7 days so that my PhotoDumps remain to be a showing of new and interesting photos. Once you add it to the group pool, though, there’s no need to take it out after 7 days… just leave it in there — the “rule” is just for new submissions. An no, I won’t kick photos out that are 8 days old — just don’t make a habit of submitting photos from last month or last year. Other than that, there are no additional rules, themes, or obligations.

The other reason I’m putting this thing together is so that all of us (with Flickr accounts) can be somewhat connected on Flickr. I personally have a pretty good idea of who frequents the blog, but it might not be as clear to everybody else. So check out the other group members, they’re all friends of this site. Many of them also have their own websites, so check out their profiles and see where it leads you.

So if you have a Flickr account, get over there and check out the Epic Edits Flickr Group. I’d be happy to have everybody join in and participate — that’s what this group is for. Maybe in the near future we can find some additional uses for the group, but for now it’s just about the photos.

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7 thoughts on “Flickr Group: Epic Edits PhotoDump

  1. susheel

    Hey Brian,

    Finally… it had to happen! ;) I hope you’ll forgive me for adding an old pic right at the beginning of things… I promise I’ll add new pics as I start taking personal pics once more…

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    LOL, I hope everybody else feels the same way! No big deal on the old pic — everybody gets one freebie. Besides, it’ll help get things off the ground.

  3. kozzmen

    Really nice pictures in this group. I just joined it, but haven’t taken any photographs in the past week, so will upload some next days.


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