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Photography Websites

OK, so this may be a bit overkill, but I wanted to share with you some of my photography feeds that I try to keep up with. I’m subscribed to a little over 200 feeds, and just over half of those are about photography.

Below are 87 of the photography blogs I follow, though some more closely than others. So if you’re looking for more reading material, I’m sure you can find one or two in this list that suit your needs. I tried categorizing everything, but there are several blogs that cover many topics and I was having a hard time coming up with concise categories. So basically, you’ll have to dig around. The blogs I find more interesting are near the top of the list, but it’s not an exact ranking of favoritism.

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If you’re new to feed reading and the world of RSS, take a look at the Problogger’s explanation of RSS technology. And before you hit this list, DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY FEED if you haven’t already.

You can also see all of the feeds I subscribe to via my Google Reader shared items for my “Photography” and “Photos” folders (thanks for the idea Bryan). And also many thanks to Alick for putting together an OPML file for those in the list.

  1. digtal Photography School — (RSS)
  2. JMG-Galleries — (RSS)
  3. Photocritic — (RSS)
  4. 365 Portraits — (RSS)
  5. Strobist — (RSS)
  6. Kwerfeldein — (RSS)
  7. Joseph Szymanski — (RSS)
  8. File Magazine — (RSS)
  9. PhotographyVoter — (RSS)
  10. Photopreneur — (RSS)
  11. The Daily Critique — (RSS)
  12. Catchy Colors Photoblog — (RSS)
  13. photodoto — (RSS)
  14. daily dose of imagery — (RSS)
  15. NYCgraphix Blog Photo — (RSS)
  16. Photoshop User TV — (RSS)
  17. DIYPhotography.net — (RSS)
  18. Earthbound Light — (RSS)
  19. Earth Shots — (RSS)
  20. fotohacker — (RSS)
  21. Digital Shot — (RSS)
  22. DSLRBlog — (RSS)
  23. goldengod — (RSS)
  24. Neil Creek – Photographer — (RSS)
  25. Words: Irrational — (RSS)
  26. Alphatracks — (RSS)
  27. MAKE: Imaging Blog — (RSS)
  28. outafocus — (RSS)
  29. Stuck In Customs — (RSS)
  30. A Walk Through Durham Township — (RSS)
  31. Photography Tip — (RSS)
  32. Tips From the Top Floor — (RSS)
  33. Planet Photoshop — (RSS)
  34. Chase Jarvis Blog — (RSS)
  35. Beyond the Obvious — (RSS)
  36. Rick Wezenaar Photography — (RSS)
  37. Motivation — (RSS)
  38. LeggNet’s Digital Capture — (RSS)
  39. Digital Photography Blogs — (RSS)
  40. Photojojo — (RSS)
  41. Absolutely Nothing — (RSS)
  42. Words in Images — (RSS)
  43. About Photography — (RSS)
  44. Photowalking.org — (RSS)
  45. photonovice.net — (RSS)
  46. Single-Serving Photo — (RSS)
  47. Assignment Construct — (RSS)
  48. San Miguel Photo of the Day — (RSS)
  49. F/1.0 — (RSS)
  50. RDD Photo — (RSS)
  51. Current Photo Contests — (RSS)
  52. xlt’s photo blog — (RSS)
  53. Photoshop Insider — (RSS)
  54. Photo Business News & Forum — (RSS)
  55. kebrunella — (RSS)
  56. Camera Porn — (RSS)
  57. Paddling with a Camera — (RSS)
  58. PopPhoto Flash — (RSS)
  59. Flak Photo — (RSS)
  60. A Visual Treat — (RSS)
  61. Light and Shadow — (RSS)
  62. Dan Heller’s Photography Business Blog — (RSS)
  63. Photoshop Support — (RSS)
  64. Autofocused — (RSS)
  65. Rickmann Design Photography — (RSS)
  66. The Work of Daniel Hellerman — (RSS)
  67. Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection — (RSS)
  68. Taking Pictures — (RSS)
  69. Sharing My Light — (RSS)
  70. Brian Larter — (RSS)
  71. Hey Girl, Nice Shot — (RSS)
  72. Schauplatz — (RSS)
  73. LiBeCo.nl — (RSS)
  74. Jeff’s Photo Gallery — (RSS)
  75. eclectic — (RSS)
  76. John Nack on Adobe — (RSS)
  77. Rob Galbraith DPI — (RSS)
  78. Found Photography — (RSS)
  79. mannedspace — (RSS)
  80. The Online Photographer — (RSS)
  81. My Camera World — (RSS)
  82. Phill Price — (RSS)
  83. Changing Perspectives — (RSS)
  84. Complete Digital Photography — (RSS)
  85. Itsy-Bitsy Photo Blog — (RSS)
  86. Pengkuei Ben Huang — (RSS)
  87. Thalia’s Musings — (RSS)

UPDATE: I knew this would happen — I forgot one two. Lau reminded me that her site wasn’t in the list, and it IS in my feed reader; has been for some time now. Then Chris mentioned his being missing too. So here’s the 87th +1 and +2 on the list.

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189 thoughts on “87 Great Photography Blogs and Feeds

  1. Joseph

    Thanks for sharing. If you don’t mind. I would like to link to your post so that I can share it to others as well.

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    I don’t know… Not my taste. it’s just kind of newsy rather than instructional or inspirational. Like I said, these are the items in MY feed reader, so they reflect my own personal interests.

  3. Antoine Khater

    Brian I am by no means questioning your opinion, but I do know that you sometimes visit my blog and I would really appreciate your feedback.

    What changes would let ADIDAP be on your RSS reader?


  4. Brian Auer Post author

    Antoine, I actually just found your blog today through photographyVoter. If I had visited in the past, it slipped my mind. I did add your blog to my feed reader, though, when I visited earlier. If you visit my shared photography feed items, you’ll see that it’s in there.

  5. btezra

    I see a few folks who’s photography I’ve followed for quite some tim eup there in your list, Kathleen/A Walk Through Durham Township is a fine shooter and one helluva fine person, I tend to stop by every week to keep abreast of what she’s shooting

    if you are looking for a ‘new read’ to add up there http://www.aphotoeditor.com/ is well worth the daily read and visits

    there are a few others in my del.icio.us if you wanna have a look http://del.icio.us/btezra/photographer

  6. jesse

    I never thought I’d be one of the “how can you leave xyz off your list!?” types, but due to incredible awesomeness of it, http://www.pbase.com/ gets my high praise and frequent recommendations…….. Oh, that’s why… I re read your list to make sure I wasn’t missing the obvious… duh, it isn’t a blog. But http://testofwill.blogspot.com/ and http://www.shorpy.com/ are very fine photoblogs, test of will is streetside New York, excellent photos.

    Thanks for the list to peruse!


  7. MTFanders

    Thank you Brian. I’ve gotten traffic from you and was wondering what was up?!?

    Here’s a couple for consideration:
    Donna Hughes (very talented): http://donnamhughes.my-expressions.com/index.html
    Bud Cline (very, very talented): http://budcline.my-expressions.com/
    Judith Polakoff (amazing lady): http://www.judithpolakoff.us/
    And last and not least!:
    Andy Heatwole (learned allot from Andy and he has great tutorials (FREE!)): http://www.blog.bluehourphoto.com/

    Cheers guys,

  8. Udi Tirosh

    Thanks for that list, Brian. Also Thanks for being in it. I think it is a great resource for getting started on photo blogging as a reader or as a blogger.
    - udi

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