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December Challenge: Day 30 – The Giraffe

The Giraffe

I know, I know… yesterday a dog, and now a stuffed animal. Hey, if dogs are people too, why not a stuffed giraffe? I didn’t really feel like going out to look for another willing participant of the December Challenge, so I figured I would try working with something else.

This is just one of the kids’ stuffed animals placed out on the back porch. We’re having the surface refinished and they have this sand (or maybe it’s kitty litter or something) laid out over the entire porch. I’m probably not supposed to walk on it, but whatever… it’s my porch.

I promise, tomorrow will be a portrait of a real person.

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Reorganize Your Flickr Photos

Photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Zooomr allow you to organize your photos into sets, collections, or some other form of grouping. You can group however you’d like: category, topic, genre, place, time, popularity, or whatever else you can come up with. Maybe you’re the type of person who has a whole bunch of really specific sets with just a few photos in each one. Or maybe you’re the type of person who has just a few broad sets that are overflowing with photos.

My point is that sometimes you should really evaluate how your photos are organized and maybe shift things around to better accommodate your current collection of photos. I did this just a few days ago, and I feel a whole lot better about my organization scheme. Prior to this, I had maybe 5 or 6 generic sets — some of which had too many photos and other had just a few. Here’s how I’m organized now:

PhotoDump 12-30-2007

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Group this week. With the holidays over the last week, I saw a few seasonal photos roll into the pool. So this week, I’ve selected the holiday photos to display along with the regular selection of photos.


From laanbaFrom ndbutterFrom jschellenbergFrom kozzmenFrom pshortenFrom neilcreekFrom vandyll.netFrom wickdginFrom libeco18From pshortenFrom eclectic?From Daniel HellermanFrom rrdphotoFrom laanbaFrom essjaytFrom Daniel Hellerman


From mayaehFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom cjw333From PhillipFrom Steve CraneFrom QliphothFrom hankfeverFrom Rex Lisman PhotographyFrom dawn m. armfieldFrom wasabifishFrom {lifeography}From the_wolf_brigadeFrom gavinjensenFrom max.milionFrom Phill PriceFrom neilcreekFrom RygoodFrom Colour VoidFrom aychseaFrom Robin PapaFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom mathias.pastwaFrom orange tuesdayFrom Daniel HellermanFrom wasabifishFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom JLA KlichéFrom {teegan}From wasabifishFrom Яick HarrisFrom javimoroteFrom photokayakerFrom jimgoldsteinFrom rh89From TyCFrom Daria SukhanovskaFrom wasabifishFrom halcoFrom dawn m. armfieldFrom mgrovesFrom Robin PapaFrom TyCFrom mgrovesFrom hankfeverFrom Colour VoidFrom BrianLarterFrom skedonkFrom {teegan}From Robin PapaFrom mayaehFrom lilahpops

December Challenge: Day 29 – Maggie


I went out to the Westfield University Towne Center in La Jolla to pick up a few things this morning, and I ran into this interesting character. She was a friendly little dog — came right up to the camera (so close that one of my shots was all nose!). This was her first time out at the mall, but I understand she was doing very well with it. Apparently, she and her owner were taking a little breather after Maggie started shaking nervously in one of the stores. She was fine after getting back outside though.

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December Challenge: Day 28 – Elephant Boy

Elephant Boy

Candice and I spent the day at the San Diego Zoo with the kids. We ended up buying season’s passes since the price difference wasn’t that much. Plus I knew we couldn’t cover the entire zoo in one day with the kids, so now we can go back any time. It’s about a 15-20 minute drive for us.

This photo is of my son Rex hanging out by the Elephants. He likes to wander around and climb on the rails, so we had to keep a close eye on him. He really wanted to see the Panda, but the line was outrageous so we told him we’d see them next time. We ended up settling on the Elephants as our last stop for the day, and the kids were fine with that.

To see the rest of my December Challenge photos, check the “Challenge” category here on the blog or visit my Flickr Set.

Link Roundup 12-29-2007

Before we get to the list, be sure to check out my super-cool guest-post on “Going with the Grain” over at ADIDAP (we swapped posts for Christmas). I’ve always liked grainy photos, so I put together a little information on the subject and picked out some CC photos to help make my point.

December Challenge: Day 27 – Bailey and Rex

Bailey and Rex

This photo actually says a lot about how my kids act in front of the camera. Bailey goes into "model mode” and starts posing and batting her eyes. Honestly, I don’t know where she picks up on this stuff. Rex, on the other hand, will do what he can to show off or place himself in some strange configuration while saying “look what I can do.” And if I’m not taking a photo of him (as was the case with this one), he’ll do everything in his power to insert himself into the photo. Usually he puts his face or hands right in front of the lens, so at least this time he had the decency to place himself inside of the focused region.

This was taken in Downtown San Diego. We attempted to get down there in time for the balloon parade, but we showed up just after it had finished. So we walked around the city for a little while then headed back home for lunch.

Sidenote: On the way home, we drove through Little Italy and I scoped out a photography store. I’m going to have to head back down there by myself one day and check it out.

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December Challenge: Day 26 – Daniel Devenport

Daniel Devenport

Daniel is a street performer (card magician) I encountered on Hollywood Blvd at the recent photowalk. I stopped to take a few shots of him, and he started giving me a hard time about it (as shown in this photo). I believe his words were "Sir, you’re not being sneaky. I can see you taking pictures.” So I walked over to him to show him the shots and I told him I’d make him a star.

After that, we ended up having quite a conversation for about 15 or 20 minutes on various topics. I got the impression that he’d been to many places across the country including New York and Hawaii.

The most interesting topic of our conversation was his observations on how the weather effects the people on the streets. He said you can actually see a change in the way people act and react to things when the temperature changes or the wind picks up. I suppose that with a job such as his, you’d have plenty of time to analyze society as it passes you by on the sidewalk.

All in all, Daniel was a really nice guy and a great conversationalist. He seemed to be happy with his job, and his character suits it quite well. I think he’s on MySpace, but I’m not certain that it’s him. Here are a few other photos of him in action.

Pick a Card, Any CardCome and Get ItWorking the CharmIs This Your Card?Fun For all AgesPleasing the Crowds

To see the rest of my December Challenge photos, check the “Challenge” category here on the blog or visit my Flickr Set.

7 Bad Habits of Digital Photographers

This is a special guest-post from a new friend of mine, Antoine Khater. Check the bottom of this post for his bio, and don’t forget to visit his photography blog!

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I have been taking pictures seriously for about 5 years and been around major photography forums for about the same time. Here are, compiled in one post, the 7 bad habits of digital photographers…


It never happened to you? It sure did to me! I can’t remember how many times I went shooting just to notice later on that I forgot the CF cards at home. Just a few months ago my wife and I took a photography trip to Croatia and I totally forgot to pack the battery charger with me! So if you are as clumsy as I am, maybe you should trust your wife in packing things up for you.


This is surely one of the most common post subjects you will find if you linger long enough in Digital Photography forums. We are all somehow used to reaching for our ISO settings button just when we need to go “higher” and we too often take it for granted that the camera is set to the “correct” one every time we take it from the bag. And that is why so many people are asking for the ISO setting to be displayed in the viewfinder, until then and to avoid surprises, good or bad, make sure to double check that ISO setting every time you turn your camera on.


Let me first say that I have nothing against Photoshop or any other kind of photo retouching I even pointed out some times ago an easy way to correct tilted pictures in the digital dark room. However I believe that if you can get it right on the field it is better. So if you have the bad habit of tilting your pictures, here are 6 tips that will hep you get them straight next time.


RAW is wonderful tool and gives us, photographers, a great deal of flexibility during post processing. The ability to tweak the exposure in RAW should be used ONLY within limits — blown highlights and and underexposed shadows can’t be recovered. So make sure to always get the exposure right.


Well I’m writing this specially for myself! I delete pictures faster than I take them sometimes… Here is a recent article from LightChasers explaining why we should never be doing this.


I guess it is just a human nature but every time a new camera is released we have all tendency to become green with envy and deep down we should know that we would be much better investing in a better lens than in a better camera.


And, of course, on the TOP of the list “Blaming the material”! When we do not manage of getting a decent picture we go like “AH if only I had that lens!” but if someone looks at a nice pictures of ours and says “Wow you should have a nice camera!!!” We go crazy… Anyway, remember folks, it is always the photographer never the Camera.

Again, I’d like to thank Antoine for this wonderful guest-post he’s written for us, and remember to check out his website: All Day I Dream About Photography.
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December Challenge: Day 25 – William Auer

William Auer

This is my Grandpa Bill. Truthfully, I don’t even know how old he is (my Mom just informed me that he’s 75). You wouldn’t know it by watching him get around and take care of everything himself. He’s had both knees completely replaced, he’s got really bad arthritis in his wrists, and I think his back is starting to give him problems. And yet… he plays with my kids, builds camp fires, shoots guns, and travels frequently to other countries. Just this last year, him and my Dad went to Taiwan and Borneo and hiked all around the mountains for days on end (my Dad said he had a hard time keeping up sometimes).

Aside from his brutal stubbornness to do everything for himself, he’s got to be one of the nicest and sweetest men I know. He lives just a few miles up the road from us, and he’s always more than accommodating to have us over for dinner and whatnot. The kids love him to pieces and they get so excited to go to his house.

He was also a Marine, he likes guns, he like swords, and he likes all things of the Asian culture. In this photo, he was looking back through one of his yearbooks (I think from his days at the academy). The late afternoon sun was shining through the windows across the room and he lit up like a Christmas tree. Here are some other photos from our little family get-together on Christmas day.

The Guys I Grew Up WithSanta's GiftThe Big KidHoliday BeerThe Vest GirlsBe Afraid... Be Very Afraid

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