December Challenge: Day 7 – Paul Meissner

Paul Meissner

Paul Meissner is a local photographer I ran across in Del Mar this afternoon (check out his site for some sample work). He was set up near the water shooting some pano’s with a nifty custom-made tripod head. I believe he was shooting full-360 shots, and he was waiting for the right combination of light and the absence of miscellaneous bystanders — so I wasn’t interrupting his session (I hope). After I took some shots of him, we talked about various aspects of photography and camera equipment… then the conditions were just about right for a pano, so I took off.

To see the rest of my December Challenge photos, check the “Challenge” category here on the blog or visit my Flickr Set.

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a photography enthusiast from North Idaho. He's also the guy behind the Epic Edits Weblog. As a hobbyist photographer since 2003, his passion has been to constantly improve his photography skill set, to share his own knowledge with others, and to become an integral part of the photographic community.

4 thoughts on “December Challenge: Day 7 – Paul Meissner

  1. the_wolf_brigade

    Two strangers already! I haven’t even worked up the courage to ask one yet, though I suspect photographers might be more accommodating than a random photographer. Unfortunately, most of the photographers around my area are probably going to be tourists and generally suspicious of why I would want a photo of them!

    Luckily I have a large extended family.

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    Well, this one was a little easier because he wasn’t on a paid gig with clients. It’s weird, I have almost no problem approaching another photographer and asking to take their photo — I guess it’s because we immediately have something in common.

    I say go for the tourists — that could be kind of fun, having one of the locals play tourist on THEM.

    Next week I’ll venture out and approach a non-photographer to see how that goes.

  3. Udi Tirosh

    Hi Brian,
    Your commitment to the December protect is impressing. that’s 7 out of 7 and each is a totally different theme.
    Thanks for sharing your blog on DIYP.
    - udi

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