Link Roundup 12-07-2007

Wow it’s been a busy week! I’ve been posting twice per day, I’ve read through a ton of really great articles, and I’ve discovered a few really neat websites. So here’s a “special announcement” list of links before we hit the regular links.

  • December Challenge
    This project is almost like work, but I’m having a real blast working on improving my portrait photos. It’s not too late to join in if you haven’t already!
  • Gift Exchange for Photography Bloggers
    All Day I Dream About Photography
    Write a photography article, send it to Antoine, and get a different one in return. Deadline to have your post written is December 21st, so don’t put it off too long — I’m definitely participating!
  • 50 Photos Project
    Nate Ritter is running a little experimental project where he’s aiming to create, publish, and sell a limited-print photo book using images from Flickr photographers. I’m not in the first round of photographers :-( , but I think it’s a really cool idea nonetheless.
  • Social Media for Photos Only
    A site similar to Digg, users submit photos to be voted on by the community. photographyVoter does this same thing with photography articles, but if photos are your thing you might check this site out. I’m still trying to find time to get in there myself.
  • Digital Photography Online Classes
    A few free online courses hosted by HP that will go more in-depth than a single article or blog post. Includes topics like telling a story with photos, camera composition: change your perspective, professional digital photography made simple (interesting choice of words), and fundamental photography techniques.

OK, time for the regular links. Can you spot the theme? By the way, how many links are too many links? I try to keep it around 7, but this week called for a few more. At what point are there so many that you don’t look at anything but the first one or two? Speak up now, or I’ll just assume that you like seeing 50 links every week.

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5 thoughts on “Link Roundup 12-07-2007

  1. the_wolf_brigade

    I don’t mind how many links there are as it’s nice to be provided an opportunity to expand my knowledge, though I do tend to just click the links that interest me. Result? More links=a greater chance I’ll learn something new. Recently I’ve really been looking forward to the link roundup posts in particular for this very reason.

  2. libeco

    I guess as long as there’s a short description per link it doesn’t really matter hpw much there are per post. I just wonder where the rest of that video went? 1/2 portrait retouching, 1/2 humor, and 1/2 politics. That’s 1 and a half video you promised and I only see one ;-) lol

    For some crazy retouching see:
    How far would you go with a photo?

  3. Ben

    Although I didn’t go to every link I did check out a few. The few I did check out were great though. It is really nice having the short description beneath the link, saves me the time of checking it out only to find I am not interested in it.
    Thanks for the great list.

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