Which Site Name is More Appealing?

OK, so I actually had a little more interest from you guys on that photoblog idea I presented yesterday. It already looks like we’ll have enough support to move forward full throttle. I’ve had 3 confirmed portfolio submissions and 3 more that were promised. I said I would take up to five, but when the time comes to choose the photographers I’ll let the photographers decide how many get to stay.

So now I need to start making some decisions on how we lay the foundation of the site. For these types of decisions, I’ll look to you folks to provide guidance. The first thing we need to decide on is a name for the site. I’ve purchased two domain names (fineartphotoblog.com and fineartphotographyblog.com) and I have yet to decide which one would be best.

Looking at this from a website name standpoint, I’d like to get some feedback on which one is most appealing, catchy, sticky, memorable, etc. Which name projects a stronger image or brand? Which one would provide better search engine traffic based on the keywords? I had two people offer feedback on yesterday’s article, but they were opposing points of view so we’re back to being stuck in the middle.

Last week’s poll (What Type of Camera Do You Shoot With?) had quite a turn-out with 416 votes! 75% went with the trusty dSLR, but we have quite a few compact, ultra-zoom, and film users too.

6 thoughts on “Which Site Name is More Appealing?

  1. Antoine Khater

    I voted PhotoBlog since this is what it is going to be right ??

    I mean this is a Photography blog since we discuss Photography a PhotoBlog shows pictures or did i miss something

  2. MY Camera World

    Hi Brain: I ahve been busy that last few digging and digging and then digginhg some more.

    When I link to the 2 sites it redirect to your blog.

    Some comments on selling your work as fine art from my experince.

    Until you are fully established and a sought after name, it is you who is selling your work.

    What I mean by this, is that when you engage the public the are in some way besides having a good image buying a print because of your ability to sell the dream.

    My sales have come from entering artisan type fairs and a few gallery display because of awards I have won with my camera club. They regularly put on displays some of their best winners of the previous year.

    At the art fairs there are many people that come around and I engage them is discussions about photo art and prints etc and I hand out many cards to my sites. Occasionally this will lead to another sale. I don’t do commercial for hire work.

    I also look for local cafes or similar sores that are willing to display my work.

    Bit by bit it generates sales, but the best is when you as the artist directly engage the public.

    We all, at least it is my theory, like to display art work when we know something about the artist.

  3. libeco

    Sorry, but I think both names are too long. More characters means more prone to typos. How about FAB (Fine Art Blog). Names should be short and easy to remember. When choosing between photo and photography I would definetly go for photo for domainnames…

  4. Andreas Manessinger

    I voted for fineartphotoblog.com, but only because it is easier to pronounce. Ultimately it will not make much of a difference if the names are short or long. People get there via links or search results. Only with business cards or T-shirts it would be important, because these are the cases where people have to type.

    Look at http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/

    It is one of the most popular blogs ever, and they are obviously not challenged by their name. Still: the shorter one is better, if only for aesthetic reasons.


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