December Challenge: Day 22 – Matt


I was trying to think of an interesting place to get a portrait for the day, and I ended up at the grocery store in the produce section. I figured the colorful fruits and vegetables would make for a nice background. Well, when I got there the place was pretty much dead — not many shoppers, especially in the produce area. There was, however, an employee stocking the bananas.

Matt is an X-Ray Technician student at San Diego Mesa College, and he works over at the local grocery store when he’s not in class. He also spends his free time surfing the local beaches. Interestingly enough, Matt is a native San Diegan — born and raised down here. And after being here for nearly half a year myself, I’m not surprised he’s decided to stick around.

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3 thoughts on “December Challenge: Day 22 – Matt

  1. libeco

    Looks like cool picture, I’m so surprised to see those ruber gloves. Here they don’t wear anything on their hands when they lay down the fruits and vegetables. One thing about the picture though: the bottom right corner looks a little weird with the overexposed bananas and vignetting together…

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    Those bananas had lights right above them and they turned out a little overexposed (even in the RAW) and oversaturated. I did what I could to reduce the glare on them, but they still turned out being a strong focal point due to the highlights. I added the vignette to help move the eye away from that corner, but then they do look a little funny. I figured with the overall treatment of the photo it wouldn’t be as weird or out of place, but it does still look a little funny.

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