PhotoDump 12-23-2007

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Group this week. I’m still amazed at how many new photographers and interesting photos I’m seeing show up in our group.

From libeco18From Colour VoidFrom locofotocuba66From A Cognitive State of MindFrom Daniel HellermanFrom Colour VoidFrom M-u-zFrom mathias.pastwaFrom J Quantz Jr.From javimoroteFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom Rex Lisman PhotographyFrom xysmasFrom M-u-zFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom TyCFrom Chris NixonFrom javimoroteFrom hankfeverFrom BrianLarterFrom DMcGrewFrom wasabifishFrom Colour VoidFrom StefinatelyFrom eclectic?From mayaehFrom javimoroteFrom wasabifishFrom Al MorrisonFrom Daniel HellermanFrom stephiedeeFrom mathias.pastwaFrom mayaehFrom {lifeography}From Chris NixonFrom {teegan}

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