36 Santa Sightings – Merry Christmas!

Christmas is upon us, and I wish you all a happy holiday with friends and family. I’ve picked out some Flickr photos of Santa Claus licensed under the Creative Commons for your viewing pleasure.

From DiamonddusteFrom porcupinyFrom koharuteisyokuFrom Word FreakFrom positivelypurpleFrom Cuauhtémoc SuárezFrom www.theedinburghblog.co.ukFrom poughkFrom marie-llFrom jeremyfooFrom HaPe_GeraFrom QuintanaRooFrom EtolaneFrom rafe baronFrom David WilmotFrom zioWoodyFrom timsamoffFrom TinkerBellsFrom Mark StosbergFrom NYCArthurFrom Ms. KathleenFrom Kruggg6From ponanwiFrom .  AzFrom romapFrom G. J. Charlet IIIFrom FeuilluFrom mdumlao98From mdumlao98From bovinemagnetFrom Stella DauerFrom Stella DauerFrom sleepytakoFrom sleepytakoFrom Matti MattilaFrom jijis

3 thoughts on “36 Santa Sightings – Merry Christmas!

  1. inspirationbit

    Those images are amazing, especially the two of them – from positivelypurple and rafebaron – incredible!

    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family, Brian. Have a Happy and Wonderful New year with your loved ones, and of course an even more successful year of blogging!

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