Link Roundup 12-29-2007

Before we get to the list, be sure to check out my super-cool guest-post on “Going with the Grain” over at ADIDAP (we swapped posts for Christmas). I’ve always liked grainy photos, so I put together a little information on the subject and picked out some CC photos to help make my point.

6 thoughts on “Link Roundup 12-29-2007

  1. libeco

    Both video’s are not available anymore.

    About one of the 8 tips for photoblogs “Scrolling horizontally works”: Does this person know anything about webdesign or even considering users??? An absolute nono for websites is horizontal scrolling, even for pictures. Ofcourse everybody will have to decide for theirselves if they want horizontal scrollbars, but as a user I would leave the site immediately.

    About the stealing of your gear: I have insured my equipment (I have to update the insurance for my new gear though). I don’t know about other countries but here we have a cheap insurance for camera equipment. I think I pay less than €100/year for about €4500 worth of equipment. I think it’s absolutely worth it.

    The correct angle pictures: great pictures. Just shows that even when a photography rule is to not take pictures at such an angle, you can get great results. I think everybody who visits Pisa will take a picture of the tower like that though, so it’s not always original.

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    The videos work fine for me. Anybody else having problems?

    As for the horizontal scrollbars, I think that might work better in a gallery than a photoblog. I’ve seen some galleries that pull it off very nicely.

  3. the_wolf_brigade

    The link roundup seemed to be the right place to ask this question.

    Are there any photoblog setups available that allow a direct post or linked image from flickr? I started with Aminus3, but the problem of having to upload a separate image instead of just linking one became a pain, so much so that I gave up. Blogger’s no good because it cuts off a portion of the image.

    I’d like to display an image a day, but don’t have the time to keep committing myself to so many sites.

  4. libeco

    Hmm, videos work fine here now too, must’ve been my internet connection.

    @ the_wolf_brigade:
    Pixelpost allows you to post images but only make them visible on a specified date. As far as I know there’s no uploading from or to flickr, but you might ask on their forum.

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