PhotoDump 01-06-08

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As always, great photos from the Epic Edits Flickr Group this week. There’s getting to be so many people and photos in this group that I’m going to have to be more selective in my choices! You guys are too good!

On a side note, a new Flickr-based website called Photophlow (by invite only right now) seems to really be catching on. I started a thread in our Flickr group discussion area as a place for people to get Photophlow invites. If you want an invite or you’re interested in learning more about the site, visit the thread.

This site could be a great opportunity to meet-up with some of the group members in real-time and discuss photos, photography, and general nonsense. If enough of us get into this thing, maybe we can set up a time each week to talk photography and check out the great photos in the pool. Just be warned: it’s very addicting and you’ll burn a lot of time in there.

From javi yanesFrom Colour VoidFrom PatriciaPixFrom IlletirresFrom {lifeography}From hankfeverFrom sneuwegerFrom Boris TaratutinFrom eclectic?From javi yanesFrom fodwFrom Al MorrisonFrom IlletirresFrom {lifeography}From BrianLarterFrom homme de chevreFrom PatriciaPixFrom libeco18From neilcreekFrom pshortenFrom Dave MacIntyreFrom secondcareerFrom RygoodFrom hitkaiserFrom wasabifishFrom Daniel HellermanFrom IlletirresFrom DMcGrewFrom eclectic?From neilcreekFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom lilahpopsFrom tysonwilliams.comFrom RygoodFrom eclectic?From javi yanesFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom markoespinozaFrom aychseaFrom dawn m. armfieldFrom IlletirresFrom cmiperFrom mathias.pastwaFrom Steve CraneFrom Dave MacIntyreFrom BrianLarterFrom dawn m. armfieldFrom wasabifishFrom A Cognitive State of MindFrom tysonwilliams.comFrom PixelHero

5 thoughts on “PhotoDump 01-06-08

  1. laanba

    I’m looking forward to Epic Edits discussions in Photophlow. One suggestion would be to vary the meet-up times so that different people can participate. If you set the same time each week it may exclude people who have conflicting work schedules or are maybe in another country.

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    You know, I was thinking about setting something up for this next weekend. Maybe Saturday afternoon or evening. That’s when I usually go through the photos in the pool for the photodump the next day. I figured maybe I could just do that in Photophlow and allow people to follow along and discuss as I go through them. Of course, we could have side conversations on other topics as we do so, but the main event would be going through the selection process. What do you think? Maybe the group could even sway my selections based on how many faves and comments it gets from the folks in the room. I’ve always kind of wanted a way for the readers to be part of the process.

    For those who can’t make it on Saturday night, we could also set up general sessions for other days of the week.

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