PhotoDump 01-13-2008

Wow! This week, I tested out using photophlow as a tool for selecting the weekly PhotoDump images. I invited fellow Flickr users to come hang out with me while I went through the photos, and we actually had a great turnout! At one point, I think we had around 15 people in the room, and that included both of the photophlow dudes.

This little get-together was an experiment, so it wasn’t a completely smooth ride. But it actually worked really well even with 10-15 people in there. I think we all had a good time browsing through the group’s photos, commenting on them, and learning from each other. Everybody had different insights on the photos, and it was worth just sitting there and listening sometimes.

I think I spent about 4 hours in photophlow, so we’ll have to work on streamlining things a bit when we have nearly 200 photos to get through. I’m planning to do a decent write-up on the possibilities of photophlow, but I’ll save that for later — I still need to do a bit of experimenting with it. So here are the Flickr group stats and the results of our 4 hour photophlow session.

From mathias.pastwaFrom the_wolf_brigadeFrom geopiratFrom bbaileyFrom neilcreekFrom blueblossomphotoFrom javi yanesFrom p3nFrom ZackmoeFrom eclectic?From xgrayFrom chegsFrom max.milionFrom TyCFrom davewjrFrom hitkaiserFrom eclectic?From A Cognitive State of MindFrom TSXFrom kozzmenFrom acejr371From bbaileyFrom neilcreekFrom hitkaiserFrom javi yanesFrom Phill PriceFrom eclectic?From {lifeography}From ryan loucks photographyFrom rh89From Colour VoidFrom IlletirresFrom M-u-zFrom p3nFrom homme de chevreFrom eclectic?From ron_mcFrom mathias.pastwaFrom javi yanesFrom neilcreekFrom bbaileyFrom dawn m. armfieldFrom mathias.pastwaFrom PatriciaPixFrom secondcareerFrom ergatesFrom javi yanesFrom Rex Lisman PhotographyFrom geopiratFrom TyCFrom donnaidh_sidheFrom M-u-zFrom laanba

11 thoughts on “PhotoDump 01-13-2008

  1. Chica

    Great selections these weeks. I’m also new to the group sorta, so I haven’t had much time browgin the good ol’ flickr, but I will soon. :)

  2. p3n

    cool.. to be honest i was suprised to see one of my shots up here with all the incredible photos being submitted to the pool.

    thanks :D

  3. Håkon (ergates on flickr)


    I see my picture shows as unavailable even thoug the link works, Is it possible to update the thumnail here please?

    Thanks for inculding me in the photodump!


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