Birthday Gift #2 – An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a great place to pick up photography gear, photo software, and (of course) books about photography. I find that they typically have the best prices around unless the dedicated photography stores are running a special on certain items. Not only that, but they’re a very trusted source and I have no problem handing over my credit card number to them.

So today’s Birthday gift will be a $25 Amazon Gift Card that you can use toward your next purchase. Now I realize that you can’t get a whole lot for $25, but there are always those little items that you can pick up like a lens cloth, rocket blaster, beanbag, tabletop tripod, magazine, flash diffuser, or even a book. Or you could use it toward your next big purchase of a camera or lens.

And while you’re waiting for the winner of the gift card to be announced, you could browse through the Epic Edits Goodie Bag to pick out your next Amazon purchase (or you could just order it now and hope that you win the gift card later ;) ).


If you want in on this one for the raffle, leave a comment on this post with the phrase “GIFT CARD” in the comment somewhere. And don’t forget that every comment you make for the entire month of January (on any post) will count as a raffle entry for this and the other giveaways.

Also, check the main Birthday Party page to see all of the prizes being offered.

43 thoughts on “Birthday Gift #2 – An Amazon Gift Card

  1. Phill Price

    Hi Brian,
    Would it be an GIFT CARD or re all of these competitions US only?

    Even so – a happy birthday to EpicEdits and thanks for everyone’s love for my photos, you make it all worth while :D


  2. Alvaro Lopez

    Wow a gift card. I can think of several photography books I’d like to add to my collection from Thanks for the contest.

  3. Shaun Krisher

    i’d love to get me some of that hot, sweaty gift card action. that shit is the best. mm-mm! i’m talkin’ DOWNTOWN, you know what i’m saying?

    plug: i write a blog for new photographers, check it out:

  4. Steve Chastain

    I’ve hand good experiences with them in the past…but….this time they have really blown it. I placed an order with them on December 2nd and as of today the books have not arrived. I have sent the CS dept two emails requesting information, and they have yet to respond. I honestly don’t understand this action. As with all online orders be careful. I’m going to give them one more week to respond before I file a complaint with my credit card holder.

  5. Allen

    Any time I can win something to buy more photo stuff is good with me. I want that GIFT CARD!!

    Great site, and keep us posted on when the new site is ready

  6. Jeremy

    Awesome! . A great site gets even better. An Amazon GIFTCARD would rock my world right now. And considering that today is actually my birthday, as Earl would say – It’s karma.

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