ADIDAP is Down, But Antoine is OK

Antoine is fast becoming a friend of mine, and he’s having a bit of an issue with his photography blog at the moment… actually, with his host. And it may be terminal. I know some of you read his blog, so I just wanted you guys to be aware that he’s fully aware (and a little ticked off). So think happy thoughts, and let’s hope for a successful revival so we can get back to reading his stuff.

UPDATE: Antoine’s site is back up and running! Glad to hear he didn’t lose any information.

11 thoughts on “ADIDAP is Down, But Antoine is OK

  1. Brian Auer Post author

    I think this issue is something totally different. The previous problem was with a network problem. He didn’t dive into the details with me, but it sounded like he was having a bit of a battle with his host.

  2. the_wolf_brigade

    Fair enough, though considering it took them 12 hours last time to find a faulty cable (you saying it was a network problem jogged my memory), it might be a while…here’s hoping he can get it sorted soon!

  3. Antoine Khater

    Brian thanks for passing this message along and guys thank you for your support !

    To keep a long story short my horror story with AIT continues. After being recently down for 12 hours because of a network cable it seems, as they say, that a cpu fan error brought my server down again yesterday. However this failure caused a registry corruption and they are unable to bring the server back online. I just wish the data is not lost too that would mean the end of adidap.

    Will keep you posted cross your fingers for me!

  4. Udi Tirosh

    Hi Antoine,
    hope you are reading this. I don’t have your mail, only your rss feed :).
    If you need a hosting service for until you set things up, contact me. I can give you some free hosting until you get on your feet again.
    - udi (u d i j w [@] y a h o o dot c o m)

  5. Antoine Khater

    Guys an update, I have just received that the data is not lost after all. I should be able to ftp it in about 2 hours .
    Thank you all for your emails and offers but I got myself a new host I think that with good luck adidap should be back online by monday

    You guys rock thanks

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