Birthday Gift #5 – A Free .com Domain

The fifth Birthday Gift will not be a kidney (sorry to disappoint, Phill). Actually, Antoine Khater from All Day I Dream About Photography is offering up a one year .com domain name registration for the birthday raffle. What could you do with a domain name? Maybe you could start up that website you’ve had in the back of your mind. You could join the ranks of photography bloggers and photobloggers, or maybe you could start up a blog on a totally different topic. Heck, you could even get your own name if somebody else hasn’t done so already.

It seems like everybody has a website of sorts nowadays, so why not join in? Or if you have, and you’re like me, you could always find a use for another domain name… I think I’m up to six or seven of them now (although not all of them are being used).


If you want in on this one for the raffle, leave a comment on this post with the phrase β€œFREE DOMAIN” in the comment somewhere. And don’t forget that every comment you make for the entire month of January (on any post) will count as a raffle entry for this and the other giveaways.

Also, check the main Birthday Party page to see all of the prizes being offered. And if you have a prize you’d like to give away for the birthday party, let me know!

24 thoughts on “Birthday Gift #5 – A Free .com Domain

  1. PShorten

    No way I’m gonna start a blog – it takes me an hour every day just to read everyone elses…when would I find time to take photos…you bloggers are my heros…I read and then try your ideas!

  2. Deborah

    I agree, any idea what domain name registrar he plans to use for the free gift? I would love to get a “FREE DOMAIN”, but am concerned about what registrar will be used. I’ve had my share of bad history with some registrars.

  3. Brian Auer Post author

    Cool, I’m a fan of GoDaddy myself. I think I’ve got all of mine with them even though I don’t host with them. They have a pretty good management interface.

  4. Zack DeLaune

    Oh MAN, what I would do with a FREE DOMAIN! I would finally break out of the Flickr mold, which would be great. The site is cool, but only offers so much.

  5. ~Sheryl

    I would love to win a FREE DOMAIN. I would definitely make it some kind of a photo site.

    I really love this site, I try to pop by everyday. Thanks for the great site!!


  6. Deborah

    Glad to hear godaddy may be one of the choices for domain registration. I’ve been using them for over a year for my clients. I agree, their interface works well. What I really like, is the ability to actually talk on the phone with someone, if I have some issue to discuss. I’ve worked with other domain name registrars where everything is web-based. Sometimes it just helps to pick up a phone, and call.

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