25 thoughts on “Image Keyworder Offers Solution to Keywording Challenge

  1. Neil Creek

    I’ve yet to see any KEYWORD SOFTWARE that works as easily or intelligently as I would like, but as with all information technology, the increase in capabilities is exponential. Maybe this will be the first one worth my money 🙂

  2. Emil Sit

    Have you looked at http://www.controlledvocabulary.com/? They offer an alternative subscription but can plug-in to existing applications such as Lightroom, Bridge, iView and more. I haven’t tried it myself though. (I don’t use a PC so consider this more of an entry for that FLICKR PRO account than the keyword software. :-).

  3. Hitesh Sawlani

    KEYWORD SOFTWARE – I read about this software elsewhere before (perhaps your shared reader feeds?) and was greatly impressed by the features… however at that price point (the fact that it almost certainly requires a subscription) makes it less appealing, since its a growing market, surely a cheaper option will come soon enough? Perhaps I’ve i tried it out It may convince me that it is worth it after all.. (or not)

  4. Pshorten

    OK, Brian, I have to show my ignorance; once you open this software and keyword a bunch of photos what other programs can you read these words in and how does flickr know what they are?? I’m a keywording neophyte but even I need KEYWORD SOFTWARE!!

  5. Brian Auer Post author

    Everything is stored in the file metadata, so any other program can read it (such as bridge or flickr). It’s standard IPTC data, similar to EXIF but editable. As long as the information is being written to the file, you should have no problem.

    I did find a quirky little detail about the software. It only saves out the information if you click to another photo or if you use the single photo interface (by double clicking a photo) and click OK when you’re done. I did one where I applied a bunch of keywords, closed the program, and found that it didn’t write any of the information out. An “Apply” button would be nice in the main interface.

  6. MIchael Armstrong

    Let me second the wish that this lovely KEYWORD SOFTWARE was either a Lightroom or a Photoshop plugin. Or a Linux application for that matter since that’s what I use on my field machine.

  7. Richard

    sounds like an interesting alternative to the Controlled Vocabulary plug ins for the other programs, all of which costs well into the 3 digits. I wouldn’t mind checking this out myself.

  8. Jim Goldstein

    Congrats on the blogs Birthday Brian 🙂
    Interesting application. This definitely is a software space where there is growing competition. For myself the fact that this is PC only rules it out as an option. I think having applications like this that plug-in to Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc on both platforms is the way to go.

    @Emil Sit thanks for the tip on Controlled Vocabulary

  9. Yvan Cohen

    Just wanted to post a note to thank everyone for the feedback. Do keep it coming as it’s extremely helpful in giving us direction for future development. We’re very aware of the need for a Mac version and also of the value of linking up with the major programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. Brian, your comment about the program not saving added metadata when you exit is an excellent one. We’ll get onto that right away as a priority! The principle should be that in any scenario once you’ve added metadata to an image you are given the option to save it.This will be added to our next upgrade as quickly as possible as this was an oversight on our part.

  10. Iain

    As a novice and new reader of this blog some KEYWORD SOFTWARE would be dead handy. I have a few thousand un-keyworded(?!) pics from my compact days, and many more to come from my new DSLR.

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