PhotoDump 01-20-2008

Yet another great week of photos from the Flickr Pool! We had another try with using photophlow to get through the photos. We had so many photos to get through that I had to cut it short after 4 hours. I think we’ll need to split it into two days if we continue to use it. This week, we also had everybody vote on the photos to decide which ones show up in the PhotoDump. I think that worked out pretty well, but a real voting system would be much nicer. I’ll talk more on this subject later, for now check out the photos we picked.

,,, (1 of 1)o'erflowing glassempty spacewhere bluebirds flyHiddeLorrypassive rebuildWe Support Our TroopsGondolaPlay with meIMG_9495Game, set & matchsprayer's crime sceneRailroad RomanceKuromameMissing Rungs*a stop in heaven along the wayLightsnotre dameLittle Big Rockwarp speed 3Lucha Librecustom-cabten20080113_120052_Flowers_and_Fountain_D3__3975-1Fifteen Miles Of HazeNinelouvreWindmill's of my mind!Manifriends Chelsea Beach 080114January Challenge: Over the Footbridge (Jan 14)La PalmaThe last stand!The Closed DoorMavericks Surf Contest 2008 - Greg Long & Jamie Sterlingfuture of atomic mistakes 2 of 2White Tail FawnMatt_Boyle_077a touch of sunnot friends, you and i, not friendsWilsona fast escaperusty bellies sunsetHeaven Hammer (Missing)Dye in the MilkCuatro ramitas en la arenaStippich Stairs

8 thoughts on “PhotoDump 01-20-2008

  1. ozlady

    Hi! Thanks for choosing one of my pics! I enjoyed this selection as much as I enjoyed the others, but it gave me a buzz to be included!

  2. stefan

    and once again there are just many stunning pictures you chose.
    Perhaps i’ll manage to be there on photophlow one of the next times…


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