Calling All SoCal Photographers: Upcoming Photowalk in La Jolla

My buddy Bryan Villarin got in touch with me about putting together a San Diego Photowalk. After talking over a few ideas, we decided on a date, time, and general plan of attack. Here’s what we came up with:

WHERE: La Jolla, California

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WHEN: February 9th, 1PM

Show up a little early if you want some extra time to browse through the famous Joseph Bellows Gallery and get your fill of photographic inspiration.


Why not? Photowalks are a great way to meet other local photographers, get inspired, and take home some great photos. So if you live in the Southern California area (especially you San Diegans), come hang out with us in scenic La Jolla. Here’s my write-up for the event:

Meet us at the Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla to start off a great afternoon of photowalking. We’ll use the gallery as a gathering place so we can browse the photographic art as we wait for everyone to arrive.

From there, we’ll walk down Girard Avenue for some street photography. At the end of Girard, there’s another gallery that we can optionally visit called Images of Nature by Thomas D. Mangelsen. We’ll then turn our attention to the busy sidewalks of Prospect Street as we make our way down toward the beach. Once near the water, we’ll explore La Jolla’s scenic shoreline and maybe even visit the tide pools if the tides are in our favor.

Seriously, if you live in Southern California and you don’t show up I’m going to be very disappointed. Besides, here’s what you’ll be missing if you don’t show up:

The images shown above are licensed under the Creative Commons.

19 thoughts on “Calling All SoCal Photographers: Upcoming Photowalk in La Jolla

  1. the_wolf_brigade

    One of these days I’m going to jump on a plane and join you guys. Better yet, when that day occurs, we can organise one around my visit 😀

    I guess I’m half serious here. I do one day want to meet you, Bryan and Trevor in person. So I figure once the kids are a little older, and I have some money saved, I’ll be making a trip over…

  2. Bryan Villarin

    Brian: After so many photowalks around L.A., I couldn’t help but feel guilty for not having one closer to you. 🙂

    On a side note, I’m glad it wasn’t this Saturday. My ankle is screwed up at the moment. Happy birthday to your wife, Candice, tomorrow!

    the_wolf_brigade: Or, we can fly out to Australia. 🙂

  3. Brian Auer Post author

    Wolf Brigade: if you’re ever out this way, definitely let us know and we’ll set something up! Likewise, if I’m ever in your neck of the woods, you’ll be one of the first to know.

  4. Music Site


    This is really interesting, I really wish if I could attend this meeting, I have passion about photographing but unfortunately I am not good at it, I remember first time I tried to do it was at my Uncle’s wedding, I really messed it up, I thought it only needs to hold a camera and then click the button, lol, my uncle was so annoyed because he really depended on me to have the best shot but I disappointed him, since that time and I am a little worried about it, but I really like it,

    keep the good job going,


  5. Patricia

    Brian, glad you are having one of these walks out your way. San Diego County is so beautiful. Unfortunately, I will be cruising in the Caribbean that day (well, that’s not unfortunate, but …). I will pass this on to my friend Mark, a newspaper copy editor who lives in San Diego.

  6. df

    I noticed that that after stop 4, the walk heads up jenner. I’m not sure if it’s just a quirk of the map or what but just down jenner on the coast a little more is children’s beach (pool). This is a large seal rookery that has a walkway going around the cove, you can get very close to the seals here, awesome location. In addition to the scenery, there is also a hot-bed of debate concerning the beach between pro-seal and pro-beach people, there are often protests and heated debates on weekends.

    I can’t imagine a photowalk past this location without stopping.

  7. Brian Auer Post author

    Yeah, the map is just a basic plan of attack. Things will be kind of up in the air for the group to decide, but my intent for the beach area was to pretty much end it there and have people take off whenever they get their fill of La Jolla. I’m pretty certain we’ll hit the children’s beach to check out the sunbathing seals.

  8. bestgramps

    sounds better then plowing snow again. I booked a flight and will join you sat. We are having a record snow fall this winter and am ready for a break. see you saturday. Dad

  9. df

    A REAL camera? pfft, I’m bringing* an oatmill box with some ilford double weight stuck to the back and a hole poked into the front. That’s a real camera!


  10. df

    Bryan, thanks for putting this together, had a GREAT time. La Jolla was AWESOME today. I should have some pictures up tomorrow night, tagged as needed. I’ll be keeping my eye out for the next one. (psst, Laguna Beach is ALSO awesome)

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