Link Roundup 01-26-2008

  • PROJECT RESULTS: It Ain’t What You Got + Voting
    Neil Creek
    A great result for Neil’s first project — a collection of photos taken with less than optimal cameras. Check out the results and cast your vote for the best photos.
  • 15 unique stairs pictures
    All Day I Dream About Photography
    Great collection of photos all about stairs and staircases!
  • 17 Stunning Wide Angle Images
    digital Photography School
    Many digital photographers get a little obsessed by the ability that their zoom lenses give them to get in nice and close to their subjects. Here are some shots in the other direction.
  • 10 Curious Moments
    10 crazy photos from the history books — old photos (not Photoshopped) of curious moments captured of some curious performers.
  • New Blog: My GPS Camera Phone
    My GPS Camera Phone
    Cool new photography blog that’s all about camera phones! Interesting photos mixed in with some helpful articles… because sometimes, you just gotta put down that dSLR. Thanks for the tip-off Chica!
  • What It Takes to Get Your Photo on the Flickr Explore Page
    An examination of what it may take to get your photo featured on Flickr’s Explore page — but it’s still a bit of a mystery since none of us REALLY know the secrets.
  • The DIY Macro Rail
    Make your own macro focusing rail with a simple vice and a few DIY mods. No, it’s not overkill.
  • Increase the Dynamic Range of a Single Image
    Paxton Prints
    Outline for a technique to double process a RAW file and merge the two together such that the resulting image has a much higher dynamic range than the original.
  • Video of the Week – Amazing, inspirational, educational, entertaining, captivating, and artistic. Great video about photographer Dan Schwartz on the topic of light graffiti — tips, techniques, AND great sample photos.

6 thoughts on “Link Roundup 01-26-2008

  1. Chica

    I love your link rounding ups here, I’ve been a fan of DIY photo blog for a couple months now, and I totally enjoy it. As for everything else besides that camera phone blog ;) I didn’t know about, so now I get to have a couple more bookmarks, your complaining about weeding your feeds you ought to see my bookmark folder! LOL :)

  2. the_wolf_brigade

    While the Explore link was interesting (pun intended), it didn’t really provide much more insight than has been known in the flickr community already – apart from the fact that technically correct EXIF data is not needed to “make” Explore.

    The link states that EXIF is needed, though my first photo that got into Explore was a film image, with the EXIF data of the scanner that translated the negative to digital and therefore not camera data. I’ve actually had one other accepted I think with a similar case.

    However, it is interesting to note that a few of my contacts started gaining more Explore exposure when they correctly entered EXIF data on their film scans, with the camera details, exposure and all. However, this could be attributed to the fact that their stream started gaining more popularity and faves as a result of the earlier Explore moments.

    I did hear a rumor that early last year, before I signed up, Flickr changed the Explore parameter codes to compensate for the increasing number of film uploads. However, I have no source for this, just a few discussions and musings between contacts/friends.

    After all, we all know that Explore requirements are kittens with a shining sun and a girl in a bikini on a beach :D

    (^^A Utata group joke – the standard answer given to newbies when they ask the inevitable of how do they make it in :D )

  3. libeco

    Those wide angle lens pictures have some really cool, but most are not that interesting because of the wide angle lens, but because of the HDR processing. Sometimes this makes ordinary pictures such fantastic drama!

    What I like most about those classic pictures is the old fashioned clothing of those athletes and stuntmen. :-)

    Another link I miss here is this incredibly easy tip (although I haven’t tested it yet, it seems a great way) posted on Antoine’s blog:

  4. pete

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you (and Chica!) for the link. I’ll be sure to check out the others sites listed as well.

  5. Paul Sapiano

    Awesome find Brian, something I’d love to try especially downtown San Diego, there must be some great locations. The trolley stop near the Padres springs to mind.

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