PhotoDump 01-27-2007

Another great week of photos from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! I split up the photophlow session into two time slots so we didn’t end up with a 4 or 5 hour session. The Wednesday gathering was great — we had 5 or 6 of us there at all times, and we had good participation from those in the room. Sunday wasn’t so great… nobody showed up. So needless to say, things went much quicker than usual. So the selection this week is 1/2 your picks and 1/2 my picks.

Sterne by kwerfeldeinAfter The Fall by Dave MacIntyreJade Bassix by Will Foster© Rex Lisman_071020_2742 by Rex Lisman PhotographyOriental Beauty by Boris TaratutinA Portrait of Well Used Shoes by Will FosterBuenos Aires, Argentina by tysonwilliams.comDreams of the End by Boris TaratutinStreet shooting with a Pentax 6x7: Ghost Train. by the_wolf_brigadeThe Next Time I Go Outside by Dave MacIntyreContemplating solace by eclectic?chubb by Phill PriceSoft Pedals by AIA GUY..Rwood by mathias.pastwaOf many by cmiperFaceoff. by the_wolf_brigadeincognito ? by wasabifishColor and Time by bbailey by A Cognitive State of MindDank smell and stale water by bassqeeFloat by hankfeverPilares by little_fosforoMan by javi yanesCora by gavinjensenextreme sports: mainboard walking by mathias.pastwaHeart of Stone_08-0119-001 by heyjules45Napie by Grom AirissBamboo Hats by M-u-z* by wasabifishAfterbars by ZachIsHere2008.01.20 - Espresso Cup001 by schaubadangerous by hankfever20080120_131908_StreetShake_and_Flower_D3_4568-3 by geopiratbeauty in the detail by Phill PriceWindows by jolomDunas Maspalomas (II) by little_fosforoFuture Heads @ Loughborough University Jan 08 - 03 by hitkaiser© Rex Lisman-8509_2 by Rex Lisman PhotographyCaught in the Distance by RobinPapatictactoe by IlletirresInfinity by homme de chevreFrost_08-0119-002 by heyjules45Cabbage Patch by BluTat2Pensando (II) by little_fosforo

10 thoughts on “PhotoDump 01-27-2007

  1. laanba

    Sorry I missed this week. Wednesday is too late for me (starts 11 pm my time) and I went to a photography meet up today (so I bet I’m forgiven… :-) )

    Lots of great photos this week.

  2. Music Site

    The coffee cup photo is really nice, it makes me think that how beautiful things we have but we just don’t see them until someone else show it to them,

    Good job.
    I liked the birds too.

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