Take a Moment and Give Me Some Love

OK, this is totally off topic and completely self-promotional. But hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

With the social photography project running right now, I just got to thinking about some of these networks and how they can be used to support your favorite bloggers. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a few social networks (and blogging networks if you’re a blogger) that you utilize from time to time. But also if you’re anything like me, you might forget to show your favorite sites and bloggers some love — not just the posts or articles, but the root site and the authors themselves.


I guess what I’m saying is that I DO appreciate it when you guys share the love and help boost the authority of the blog. A higher authority can lead to more visitors, which can lead to more great community members, which can lead to more great discussions, which can lead to more interesting article ideas, which can lead to a higher level of enjoyment on your end. So you see, it’s really more about you than it is about me. I rarely, if ever, push this self-promotional stuff on anyone, so here’s my entitled once-a-year “give me some love” reminder for those of you involved with the following networks.

I heart FeedBurner

First and foremost, if you haven’t already subscribed to the feed and you use a feed reader, DO IT NOW. We bloggers love to see those subscriber numbers increase, plus it’s a great way for you to keep up with the daily happenings here on the blog.


StumbleUpon is my favorite network. For those who use it, I don’t need to tell you how great it really is. For those of you who don’t, what the heck are you waiting for? If you’re on the network and if you like this blog, don’t forget to give a thumbs-up to my home page (and review it if you’re feeling extra giving) and a thumbs-up on my StumbleUpon profile (also open for reviews).

Also for you stumblers, if you’ve added me as a friend you can jump on your home page and use the “Share this page with friends” option to remind me to consider your site for a thumbs-up. I can’t guarantee I’ll give it a vote, but if I like it and if I haven’t already done so I’ll give it a thumbs-up.

Add to Technorati Favorites

Technorati is kind of an interesting one… it’s more of a bloggers-only ranking thingy than a social network. But it does give you the ability to add other blogs to your “favorites” and I’m guessing that adds to their authority and ranking (but maybe not, I’m not sure). At any rate, it’s always nice to see that a fellow blogger likes this blog well enough to take the time and add it to their favorites list. So if you’re on Technorati and you like this blog, use the button above or head over to my Technorati page and click on the heart.

Join My Community at MyBloglog!

MyBlogLog is another bloggers-only group, but it’s a little different than Technorati. So again, if you’re on MyBlogLog and you like the site, head over to our community page to join in and don’t forget to stop by my author page and add me as a contact.

So that’s it folks — I won’t bother you with this silly stuff again until next year around the same time. We’ll get back to the standard photography-talk tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Take a Moment and Give Me Some Love

  1. My Camera World

    Feeling a little lonely today? Well then I just gave you a big virtual hug.

    You have a great blog and with active community engagement. There is a diverse collection of topics and areas of interest that make it is fun to participate with the others members.

    I’ll do my part to make sure that you blog is well topped up with appreciation.

    To all others:
    I agree with Brian whole-heartily that we Bloggers for the most part Blog because we like to share our passions and the little bit of knowledge we may have learned and therefore really appreciate the feedback and rating that you kindly provide.

    Without the readers, then it is a bit like talking into a black hole.
    I will also make sure that many of the Bloggers here, whom I already subscribe to, will get my favourite rating on my social networks.

    Thanks to all for sharing your passions.

    Niels Henriksen

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    LOL Niels, I’m never lonely with all you guys hanging around — especially you. Sometimes you post more content in your comments than I do in the article. It’s all really great stuff though, and I’m totally happy to have you around for that.

    You bring up a good point about the active community. That’s one of the things that I’m constantly impressed with here on the blog. There are so many people that keep coming back and participating in the discussions,projects, flickr group, etc. It’s a great thing, and many other people have noted again and again how outstanding this community is. So if I didn’t make it clear in the post, I think you guys are the best!

    Also a good point is that showing your appreciation on these networks to other bloggers you enjoy is a great idea. I’m constantly finding new sites and trying to remember to do these things. It’s a great way to make some connections and build up your personal contact list.

  3. inspirationbit

    That was a very clever move on self-promotion, and the promotion of social media and community!
    Ok, I’ve already been subscribed to your blog, but thanks for reminding me about Technorati favourites and SU. I’ve stumbled your site, added you as a friend, and faved on T.
    But… I can’t join your Mybloglog community, not because i don’t want to, but because I can’t seem to login to my mybloglog account – tried every possible combination – nothing worked. Usually i save my registration confimrations, but can’t find one from mybloglog… Can you tell now, i’m not a big fan of mybloglog community? 😉
    once i uncover my account, I’ll certainly join your circle of trust 😉

  4. MMJ

    Bookmarked you site a while ago, but just re-found it and it is a great resource. I Stumbled you and subscribed to your RSS.

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