February Challenge: Day 2 – Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice


Ice cube on a glossy black plate as it melts into a small puddle of water.

I’m kind of bending the rules on the project… this is actually a grayscale image. The photo was pretty much black and white anyways, and it had some extra impact by going grayscale. I’m going to justify it being ok because my color of the week is clear — so this trick probably won’t work when I choose a "real" color.

My buddy “the_wolf_brigade” justified it well: Clear is like the chameleon of colours, so I wouldn’t say it’s cheating to increase the saturation of the clear tones… 😀

To see the rest of my February Challenge photos, check the “Challenge” category here on the blog or visit my Flickr Set.

2 thoughts on “February Challenge: Day 2 – Liquid Ice

  1. the_wolf_brigade

    I was serious when I wrote it, but now it just seems like I’m trying to be witty…I even laughed when I read it in my RSS!

    Oh, and I’ve updated my “website” details. Part of my aims for 2008 was to have a dedicated site for my photography stuff. It’s a bit random at the moment with no structure, but I like the freedom that gives me.

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    LOL, that makes it even funnier! It came off as being quite witty — you sure gave me a good laugh. But then I’m like “you know what? he’s right! I DID oversaturate the clear tones!”

    Dude, awesome that you put a site together — now I can keep tabs on you outside of Flickr!

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