9 thoughts on “Organize: Part 3 – Seeing it Through

  1. skedonk

    DVD/CD backup

    Thanks for the details on the workflow. WRT the backup, let me just add a useful utility called QuickPar. It stores Error Correcting Codes for every directory you point it to and so can help recover corrupt and missing files later. It can also be used to verify the consistency of the data. Without consistency, you could be backing up corrupt photos without even knowing.

    I am also interested in backing up to optical media since it isn’t sensitive to magnetic interference. Can you recommend a piece of software that will take directory tree (~200gb…) and will copy it successively onto DVDs? That is, fill each disk with directories and files until it is full then request the next one. All solutions I found rely on some special file formats on the DVDs, which means that the same software is needed for recovery. This assumes that their software will actually be available when the disk is read.


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  5. David Rabkin


    Great articles, thank you! I use naming method similar to your about 4 years. I do not use any organization software. The strong naming system works for me very well. I’d like to notice some points:

    1. I use full year format in names like 2008, because I have scans from 20th century and they have 199x prefix. Another thought that maybe my son and grandson will continue my archive :)

    2. I like you idea about adding author name to the file name. Probably I need to do it also.

    3. For remote backup I use TWO external drivers. Then at every moment I have remote copy. If you use single external driver a thief can grab all devices at the night you do backup.

    Again thank you very much,

  6. Per

    Thanks for the great article series!

    I often travel with both a DSLR and a compact camera. I’ve previously imported my photos from my cameras into the following structure:

    photos//year-month-date/whatever-sequencenumber-the-camera-was-set-to-use.ext (jpg/CR/CR2)


    I will move to a new structure with the year a a first sorting directory and also include a event description after the date, but I still think that I want to kept track of what camera that was used. I’m thinking about adding the camera model as a prefix to the imported file, e.g.

    Any other ideas on how to organize imports from multiple cameras?

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