February Challenge: Day 6 – Yellow Tail

Yellow Tail


Wine bottles at the grocery store. Yellow Tail is supposedly an Australian wine, but I’m curious if any Australians have even heard of it (I’m not a big fan of wine, by the way). These ones really stood out because of their bright yellow labels. In this shot, I was testing out my brand new 50mm f/1.4 set wide open. This lens has some crazy shallow DOF! Here are a few other shots from the grocery run:

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9 thoughts on “February Challenge: Day 6 – Yellow Tail

  1. steph

    Yes we’ve heard of it, but there is so much variety that it’s probably not drunk at home as often as it is overseas. I’m not a reisling fan.

    Nice DoF and colour!

  2. Cody Redmon

    Fantastic, Brian, your use of DoF is fantastic. Taking the common and making it extraordinary is what defines true art (in my eyes), and you’ve succeeded here. And I think your contrast is perfect, or at least it appears as such on my sweet 24″ Dell (@Martin on FlickrM :-)

  3. Brian Auer Post author

    Thanks man, this is definitely the lens for controlling DOF with. I could see beginners having a hard time using such a fast lens because of the deceptively narrow DOF at f/1.4 You actually get a sense that you’re grabbing a larger slice while looking through the viewfinder. It’s a touchy little bugger, especially at the minimum focusing distance.

  4. Derek

    You’re right on is being tough controlling DOF. I have the f/1.2 version of Canon’s 50mm (anniversary present from my amazing wife) and you do get some creamy bokeh when it’s wide open, but actually nailing focus is a pain. It doesn’t help that my eyesight isn’t that great so I’m relying on the camera for everything.

  5. the_wolf_brigade

    Well I love my f1.4 50mm’s they’re one of my favourite lenses.

    At some point in time though I would like to progress to a Leica and their f1.0 – the ultimate for low light stuff.

  6. Ryan Dlugosz

    Yea – I like playing around with the f/1.4 and how crazy shallow the DOF is on it! Really nice lens & I think it’s worth the extra cash over the f/1.8 version…. Not just for the extra light, but also for the improved bokeh, sharpness (mine is pretty damn sharp by f/2 & the f/1.8 couldn’t quite match it), and the build quality is significantly more robust.

    Have fun!

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