February Challenge: Day 12 – 22 Lanes

22 Lanes


Long exposure of traffic on Interstate 5 where it splits into the 5 and 805. Can you believe that there are 22 lanes at this point and it’s backed up during rush hour every day?

I’ve never done one of these long-exposure traffic shots before. It turns out that the white lights are much brighter than the red ones. Plus there wasn’t much traffic, so it probably could’ve turned out better. Here are a few others from that night as I was messing around with different amounts of focus and shutter speed:

14 Point Star 8 Point Star Octogons Short Exposure Moderate Exposure Long Exposure

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3 thoughts on “February Challenge: Day 12 – 22 Lanes

  1. the_wolf_brigade

    22 lanes!

    This may be asking the obvious, but did you shoot this on bulb mode, holding a black card over the lens when there was no traffic? Or did you just expose long at a small f stop?

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    yup, 22 lanes. Two big freeways merge right here, plus they just built a local bypass in each direction that added 4 extra lanes in each direction.

    I shot it at 30 seconds and f/32. There was enough traffic that there wasn’t any dead spots, but it wasn’t real thick like I wanted.

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