PhotoDump 03-02-2008

Another great week of photos from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! I think we’ll take a break from the photophlow sessions for a little while — not enough interest to keep it going. Maybe we’ll revisit the idea when the site moves past Beta so more people can get on board.

geisha commute by cjw333Just a quick SP (10 of 365) by vandyll.netMissed the Boat by Steffen RustenLudo @ Sokol Auditorium by As The Picture Fades PhotographyVibrant Tulips by Chris Stern PhotographyCalla Lily  by Bernie Kasper// by ryan loucks photographyBjörn by Hugo de StockholmSometimes life gets a little overwhelming... by the_wolf_brigadeGhost Sails Revisited by ergatesan uncanny need to serve man by IlletirresLonely by bryanvillarinDSC_0120 by BluTat220080224_120424_D3_Strobist_Meetup_Tikiriki__DSC8181 by geopiratStare by Will FosterFour Eyes by Colour VoidKevin Freitas by gavinjensenwind by s-t-r-a-n-g-eState of Fear by fodw02/25 by arlo_batesWash away the day (4 of 365) by vandyll.netcarpet, table, window by xgrayGuitar by ndbutterOrbit by MerkinzThe Moment by AlaskaTeacher

6 thoughts on “PhotoDump 03-02-2008

  1. laanba

    I’d like to throw out the suggestion of having photography discussions in Photophlow not necessarily tied to the photodump. The photodump takes a long time and people’s discussions were slowing it down. But maybe if you set a time and day and the discussions was shadows or portraits or color or hdr, and people came to learn to discuss to share their photos on the topic. I think that it could be an interesting use of photophlow and work around your schedule a little better. Once every once in a while instead of twice a week. Just something to think about.

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    Not a bad idea! We’re still going to run into scheduling problems with all the international folks. Still though, we could alternate time blocks or something.

  3. jerry

    Wow, thanks for including me (twice) !! I am very honored. There are some great shots in here every week.

    I just got onto photoplow recently, so hope to be able to join in the fun soon.

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