PhotoDump 03-09-2008

Day after day, I’m constantly amazed by the Epic Edits Flickr Pool. Choosing photos each week is getting to be increasingly difficult for me — but not because of time constraints or anything. Its just that there are so many good photos submitted to the pool every week, I feel terrible for having to cut out so many of them just to keep the number within reason. Seriously gang… really great stuff all around.

Cemetery Angel by Will Fosterstrength by lifeographyAstavakrasana by Emil SitBlazing by THEjdawgsnow stroll by nonac.Smoke Stacks and Cooling Towers by mark.mortensenFeet on the BeachGerbera Daisy Abstract  by Bernie KasperIdaho Wind Farm by mark.mortensenPlitvice Lakes: Visions of green by akhaterWill the arms of hope surround me? by sharaffWide Openwaiting on the world to change (14 of 365) by vandyll.netBeryl green. by the_wolf_brigadenon aligned by pragnyanLudo @ The Pageant by As The Picture Fades PhotographyBridger Power Plant by mark.mortenseni loved you before i knew you by ryan loucks photographyFloppy Hat by ndbutterTemple of Love by sanyamSpiral by fodwBobcat (Lynx rufus), Yosemite by jimgoldsteinOdd Bird Out by PatriciaPixself portrait 11.28.07 by nonac.slippin' by bassqeeJustyna Portret by funkyforkHunting Days by javiyWink by ndbutter+++ by akhaterLisman_070514_2065 by Rex Lisman PhotographyHappinessbe home soon. by nonac.03/03 by arlo_batesTwice the Power by s-t-r-a-n-g-eSun Bath by javiyWaiting for anyone by bryanvillarinLondon Natural History Museum by hitkaisersemaphore by Illetirreshidden from private, open to public by wasabifishJustin Foster by gavinjensenalone by p3nColdJump! by Aperture

3 thoughts on “PhotoDump 03-09-2008

  1. Jim Goldstein

    Its great to see the group expanding in membership. As I’ve had time the past couple of weeks I’ve been checking in to see what people are submitting. It’s quite a diverse group and it makes for some enjoyable image browsing.

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