Stick a Fork In It

In case you haven’t heard, Neil Creek is running a project right now called “Iron Chef Photography – Fork“. The whole idea is to take a photo of a simple object (a fork) and to make it interesting. The project is also a competition, and I’m one of three judges who will be reviewing the project entries. The deadline for the project is March 24th, so you still have a little bit of time to get your entries in to Neil.

The concept of the project is really inspiring — taking a common everyday object and making something interesting of it. As a judge, I can’t participate in the competition portion of the project. I wanted to do my own shot just for the fun of it, but I’m preparing to take a short-notice trip this weekend and I have a ton of things to get in order.

Visit Neil’s Project Update for more Forky Inspiration

So rather than show you my own project entry, I’ll give you guys some extra inspiration from Flickr. Here are a few “forked up” photos from the web. Be inspired.

Broccoli, Fries, and Skies
Creative Commons License photo credit: Stuck in Customs

The Confounded Fork
Creative Commons License photo credit: drp

Creative Commons License photo credit: doozzle

Creative Commons License photo credit: steingro

Creative Commons License photo credit: doviende

Fun with Fork
Creative Commons License photo credit: StrudelMonkey

Shadow of fork
Creative Commons License photo credit: spideryan1

4 thoughts on “Stick a Fork In It

  1. Neil Creek

    Thanks for the coverage Brian! I’m looking forward to welcoming your readers to the project.

    One thing I’d like to emphasise, is that I really want to see people think about the artistic message of their photos. This project is all about interpretations. You’re more than welcome to submit a gorgeous photo of a fork, but I’ll be encouraging the judges to look more favourably on entries which have used the secret ingredient – the fork – to convey a message of some kind.

    So think laterally and get creative!

  2. the_wolf_brigade

    Thanks for the reminder! I was really stuck on what to do and put it out of my mind, but then I checked Neil’s blog, saw that the photo should have an artistic message and it got me thinking…:D

    Thanks Niel and Brian! You got my creative juices flowing again.

  3. Louise

    Sounds interesting and the photos you brought certainly show that turning a fork into an interesting photo’s object is possible, waiting to hear updates and see the photos that take part in the competition.

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