14 thoughts on “Your Guide to Adobe Bridge: Importing

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  2. Jim Goldstein

    Nice work on this series Brian. I’ve been swamped as of late, but am catching up. It’s interesting to see the common features that have been carried over in Lightroom. Bridge so far seems to have its own flavor of specialization. In the end its all good. Keep up the great work.

  3. Brian Auer Post author

    So I’ve heard… I have yet to try out Lightroom. It makes sense that the two are very similar though. I’m sure they each have their little benefits and drawbacks.

  4. Susheel

    Brian… Good post. I see that you’re really taking to Bridge… for a long time Bridge was my best friend, helping me locate and segregate many Adobe Illustrator files that I just would not have had the time to sort through. It is a great application Integrator (“Bridge”… possibly?) and I still do use it to rank and segregate my photographs.

    Having said that, I think that Adobe Lightroom is a Very Powerful tool for photographers. If you don’t plan on buying it, you should at-least use the trial version.


  5. Brian Auer Post author

    I’m definitely liking Bridge! I was using Picasa prior to this and I’m constantly amazed at how powerful and friendly Bridge can be. One of these days I’ll take Lightroom for a test drive, but I’m still waiting for somebody to convince me that it’s leaps and bounds better than the Bridge/ACR combo.

  6. Antoine Khater

    Great series Brian!

    Although I am a regular Bridge user I’ve, somehow, missed the renaming option. I use a custom script with ExifTool for that.

    Thank you for the effort.

  7. Brian Auer Post author

    The renaming thing could be handy, but I prefer to have more options than what it offers. The batch rename function is seriously better than what’s offered in the import dialog. I’ll cover that one in the next article.

  8. Susheel


    The Batch rename and the labeling and sorting options are what make me go to bridge these days. No, Lightroom is not “leaps and bounds” better than the bridge/ACR combo, but for some things, the process is much shorter. Plus there are some options that are not available in Bridge / ACR.

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  11. Brian Auer Post author

    Not in the way you’re looking for. Bridge has no “memory” of what’s been imported and what hasn’t. You just have to be mindful of what’s on your card and what you’ve already imported.

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