More great photos this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! I don’t know if we just had a larger than usual group of awesome photos, or if I’m getting soft — either way, we’ve got a big selection of photos this week. It’s great to see that the group is still growing at a steady rate!

Sadder Than Sad by LightChaser: Luis Cruz.huddle by ojoyous1Falling off the edge of the earth. by the_wolf_brigadeHandicapped Parking by rrdphototoys_064 by BrianLarterAggression hides behind a calm facade. by the_wolf_brigadeGrafitti Funk by .Kimberly.W.The Railsometimes life is a blur by Rygoodrest by lifeographyWaiting... by javiyPotter by /charleneJessAlicia by gavinjensenIris Abstract by Bernie KasperObjects in mirror are closer than they appear by bokehblur by kajatlTango by Magical PlacesDrying machine by libeco18Karen Hill Tribe girl and a way out by tcmmanLisboa by javiyYellow and RedIt's April Fools: But this is no joke (41 of 365) by vandyll.netSeclusion by bryanvillarinSoft Orchids by AIA GUY..Rwoodmontana in the summer by LowLghtLonely by ZackmoeStoneman Bridge, Yosemite by jimgoldsteinfriend by s-t-r-a-n-g-e by Downhillskateryin by lifeographydune jumping - 6/21 by wasabifishCouple by Lucas Bernal03/31 by arlo_batesWhen all around is sinking sand... by the_wolf_brigadeMotivated today? Not so much (38 of 365) by vandyll.netMirror Lake, Yosemite National Park by jimgoldsteinbacklit joshua tree - 5/21 by wasabifishArid Lands by BrightonJelEagles Dare by cmiperSpring rises up by visuellegedankenRain Never Stopped Me Before by Will FosterCutie Pie by AlaskaTeacher37 standing by by IlletirresDon't look behind by Daria SukhanovskaTres by javiy

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Thanks a lot, is so nice to see pictures in your photodump

April 6, 2008 2:48 pm

I still say that you and wolf.brigade are going to make my wife kill me. I been itching to play with some film again because of you guys. =D

April 7, 2008 11:52 am

Hahaha! Good! Well… not the killing part. The nice part about photography today versus the film era is that you can shoot film as a fun little aside rather than a primary means of capture (at least for those of us who own digital cameras). So you shoot a few rolls every now and then, no biggie. If it gets too expensive or time consuming, just back off and lean on the digital camera.

April 7, 2008 12:09 pm

Hey Brian,

Glad I found your blog, and thanks for adding my pic to this photodump, I’m honored : )! I wanted to contribute to this conversation about using film because it is something that I’ve only recently begun (as in 7 days ago) following taking tons of pics with my rebel xti since christmas. I thing digital is fantastic because it allows you to see immediate results, so the learning curveis much faster than it would be for someone learning on a comparable film camera. Now that I feel fairly comfortable with my camera (i use the word ‘comfortable’ liberally…) I bought my first roll of b+w film last weekend, popped it into my dad’s old Olympus OM10, a camera that dates back to 1979 (before I was born, but just). The only automated feature it has is exposure, and though I haven’t yet finished out the roll its a new (and exciting) experience to have no idea how the photos are going to turn out … probably not fantastic since I’ve often forgetten to even turn the camera ON, meaning the exposure is set at whatever value I’ve left the manual adapter turned to (something else I often forget about, but its about progress, right?). So glad I found photography this Christmas and look forward to following your blog.

April 10, 2008 10:07 am

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