PhotoDump 04-20-2008

More great photos this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! And now with the introduction of videos to Flickr, we have a decision to make for our group. One of our group members (javiy) came to me and asked if videos would be appropriate in our group. Javi’s video (embedded in this post) seemed appropriate enough and I figured it would get the discussions rolling.

So I leave it up to you readers, onlookers, and group members to decide if videos will be accepted in our group. I’m fine with it either way, but if we do have videos I’d like to see artistic works or well constructed slideshows appearing in the pool. Then each week I could pick out one video to post below the photos like I’ve done here. What do you guys think?

sail by stephiedeeaphid reconasense by p3nPolvareda 2.0 by Miguel_Leóna travesty by xgraywaiting ! by RamNon the swing by s-t-r-a-n-g-eCelebrate with me by lilahpopshulk by tomaschek.trike by ojoyous1Mercat de la Boqueria, Barcelona Spain by tysonwilliams.comnatural beauty by LowLghtShapes by BrightonJel“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” (57 of 365) by vandyll.netHolgaesque? by the_wolf_brigadeSwans at Isar by sneuwegersalt shaker family by rickabboapx_roll22_06 by mathias.pastwabanksy One Nation Under CCTV in London-4 by max.milionRadially by auer1816Finch by bryanvillarinWater Marble by Ben Baileybanksy-CCTV panoramic by max.milionDay 104 - Take Me Out to the Ballgame by Marco From HoustonLos Angeles Sunrise II by jimgoldsteinjosie by mrpittmanSemi-Precious Weapons @ Cobra Lounge by As The Picture Fades Photographystruggle by dawn m. armfieldAshley Profile by AIA GUY..Rwoodtouch the clouds by ron_mcOn the prowl... by Aperture 1 by JenWeaverPhotography.commr. frosty by peter.dkSmokin' by Cayusacouch. blue-ish. by mrpittmanwhite star by ilva-sableye04/14 by arlo_batesA ghostly self potrait with the unexpected bonus of a light trail. by the_wolf_brigadeOcean View by Steve CraneFriends by fromBrandonHidden Promise by BrightonJelhump! at plush by xgraybuilding shadows, study 2 by wasabifish

5 thoughts on “PhotoDump 04-20-2008

  1. jerry

    For the most part, I am indifferent to videos on Flickr. If I had my preference, I’d have left the videos to YouTube and Google.

    For the group, I’d prefer not to see them, or if they are in the group, they offer background to a photo that was taken, or how the photo was set up or lit. Other than that, I can do without them.

  2. javiy

    First of thank you for posting my little slideshow so proud and well, about the video affair in flickr or in the Epics Pool, i just can´t see the different betwen clicking ” view slideshow” on the right side of flickr screen, and to add my own slideshow with the music chosen by me to show people my photos, many times when i found a photostream that i want to watch i play the slide show with some music. Some times just a little music help to understand many feelling about that pictures, sadness, happines etc…is my opinion

    thanks again

  3. hunter

    pretty indifferent myself. i’m interested in the idea of the ‘long portrait’ and i’ve seen some video’s i’ve liked. personally i dislike using and being on video cameras, maybe seeing some other people’s flickr videos would give me some ideas.

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