Share the Love

Share the Love

My buddy Neil Creek is running another photography project, and this one is titled “Share the Love“. He’s asking us to submit a photo of something in our lives that we love. I’m bending the rules a little with my triptych, but it’s still a single image file.

The people in the photos are my family – Rex, Candice, and Bailey (from left to right). I sure do love these guys. All three of them are so very different in personality, though all three are highly energetic. They keep me on my toes. I did this as a triptych because it’s a rare occasion that I get all three of them in the same shot looking at the camera and not making faces. Oh, and the dog — that’s Pinky. She’s not ours; we were dog-sitting for some friends. I think I love her too.

The three photos were taken on April 20th at my Grandfather’s house. We had a little family get-together and I took the opportunity to burn through a few rolls of black & white film (which also happens to be a new love in my life). The photos of Rex and Candice were taken with a roll of Ilford Delta 400, and the photo of Bailey was with some Ilford XP2. All three shots were done with my 135mm f/2.8 lens on my Minolta SRT-Super. The negatives were scanned and post processed with ACR for dust removal and slight tone adjustments.

If you’re interested in participating in Neil’s project, better do it quick. The deadline is April 30, and he’s got a form on the project announcement page.

5 thoughts on “Share the Love

  1. Brian Auer Post author

    I’m really liking that lens too. It’s a bit easier to control than the 50mm at f/1.4 and it does a nice job of throwing out the background.

  2. inspirationbit

    great photos +1
    I really like how all three of them look at the camera from different angles, the shots are so natural – none of your looking-straight-at-camera portraits. Well done.
    You sure are getting from one expensive hobby to another ;-) but I have to admit – those b&w are priceless.

  3. Brian Auer Post author

    Thanks Vivien! It’s true… this could turn into a very expensive hobby. I need to look into getting my own stuff for developing b/w film — it’s almost $8 a roll to have them done by someone else (plus another couple of bucks to buy the film).

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