PhotoDump 05-11-2008

More awesome and amazing photos this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool!

 by cmiperMountain top sunset by Neil CowleyHydrant Blues by ChamplooLaura by Magical PlacesFishing boats, San Francisco by secondcareerSo tumble and yell by bryanvillarinAiriss #08 by Grom AirissRice sifting in the Akha Village by tcmmanInside bell-tower by funkyforkmourning by xysmas (Aaron)kate by lifeographythe weaker of the two by poopooramaOvercome your fear by bryanvillarinRuvolo by auer1816street by tomascheksaturday night lights by xysmas (Aaron)Bronica dreams... by the_wolf_brigadeSneaker by Jonathan Enns by mathias.pastwaLimits by javiy by the_wolf_brigadeSoldiers of beauty by davebcohenDark Sunset by BrightonJelWalk the Dog by auer1816Trillium and Small Waterfall by Bernie KasperMonochromatic friend by weneighchairs in a gallery by xgraySummer Frame by javiyStop and Smell the Flowers by auer1816Hasty purchase (117/366) by bryanvillarinTry Time by cyoungrun for the wall by xysmas (Aaron)dawn by by k.Al-QattanThe tulips are everywhere by libeco18Surface Tension by Chris Farrugiapink abstracted one by su3h3nryPan's Labyrinth by Chris NixonBubble wrapped! by Aperture Image.com05/04 by arlo_bates

11 thoughts on “PhotoDump 05-11-2008

  1. jerry

    More awesome shots this week, and a few of my faves are in there. The pool is getting more impressive every week.

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    It really is getting to be an impressive display of work. Each week, I find myself having to be a “harder” judge with the selections — otherwise we’d end up with 100 photos on these posts.

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