Wanna Go Polaroid? Pick the Right One!

So I recently purchased a Minolta Instant Pro Polaroid camera to add to my growing Minolta collection. The problem is that the film it uses (Polaroid Spectra) has already been phased out. If you haven’t heard by now, Polaroid is dropping production of all their films by the end of this year.

If you’ve never shot Polaroid, you might want to give it a try before it’s too late — and the cameras are cheap enough on eBay. But before you buy a camera, find out which film you want to use first. Some films have already been phased out, while others are scheduled for the end of the year. Those that have been phased out are in high demand and you can expect to pay a pretty penny for what’s left of the film out there (I just paid $50 for two 10 packs of Spectra).

Polaroid Instant Film Availability

It looks like most of the “Integral Films” were toast as of Q1 2008, while many of the “T100 Products” will be in full swing until Q3 or Q4 of 2008. Additionally, the folks at my local photography shop say that the 690 film is very much readily available.

Like I said, if you haven’t given Polaroid a try, you might want to look into it. Just pick your camera based on the film rather than the other way around.

7 thoughts on “Wanna Go Polaroid? Pick the Right One!

  1. bardot

    i have a polaroid spectra as well, and i found out that my local walgreens still sells spectra film! unfortunately, it’s really pricey.

  2. Antoine Khater

    I had a old polaroid when I was just a kid (it was my mother’s) and I still remember how important I felt to take pictures of the family and show it to them right after 🙂

    It was sad news when I’ve learned polaroid is phasing out feels like a era loss

  3. JoshFinnie

    I love Polaroid. I think it is a great, great learning tool. 1) You have instant feedback on how you shot. 2) It is super expensive per shot, so it really trains you well to take the picture in your mind before taking in on the camera.

    I am sad to see the film go away, I have a couple Polariod film cameras and they are going to be missed once I run out of film. Hopefully someone can pick up the technology and continue to make this film!

  4. laura

    I did not know about the film. Now I am wondering what to do. I just got an instant pro with no instructions. I guess I shouldn’t spend money to get directions for something I will not be able to use soon. Oh well, seemed like a good idea.

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