Before I get into the links this week, I wanted to mention where these things usually come from. The links originate from all over the place, but I horde them in my account. I bookmark everything that I come across that may be useful to somebody at some point in time.

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My Photography Bookmarks

I have nearly 1500 bookmarks and about 1000 of those are photography related. If you’re looking for resources on a specific topic, you can either search for it under my account or look for a tag that best matches what you’re looking for. You can find lots of links for things like DOF, exposure, macro, portrait, sharpness, software, workflow, etc. And if you’re also a user and you have something you want me to take a look at, just tag it with “for:auer1816″ and I’ll be sure to get it.


  • In your bedroom
    All Day I Dream About Photography
    Antoine launches a new project that requires you to take a photo from within your bedroom of all places! There’s a prize for the winner of the contest too!
  • PROJECT: Iron Chef Photography – Shoes
    Neil Creek
    Neil launches another “Iron Chef Photography” project this month and the topic is “shoes”. Also take a look at the results from the last project on 3D photos. Neil has been a busy guy over the last few days. Now he’s launched a Flickr group for his blog for the purpose of learning photography and sharing photos with other readers.


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Thanks for posting the link to your bookmarks. There are some really great articles tagged in there.

June 16, 2008 6:05 pm

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