PhotoDump 06-15-2008

More great stuff this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! You guys are getting to be so good that I’m having to be more selective with my picks so we don’t end up with a visual overload on these posts.

Blood Red Heart by Magical PlacesI won't be lonely any more by mustanirbe free by s-t-r-a-n-g-eforlorn by A Cognitive State of MindReady to Jack by bassqeeLeyland (cross-processed) by LightChaser: Luis CruzThe Arrow by From 10 to 300mmkashi and coffee by rickabboseparate by dawn m. armfieldseamus by lifeographyEuropa by Marcus LibäckBig White Boxes by auer1816Bucket of skulls by vandyll.netDivision by the_wolf_brigade"I stand alone" by pragnyanTime changes everything.  by the_wolf_brigadeBus Only by ndbutterme and my slides by mathias.pastwasunflower in the wind by xgrayOn the wall by Crashmaster007Metro Timetables by auer1816Light by javiy by rsplatpcPZO Warszawa - Krokus 44L Enlarger by mathias.pastwaForced in every sense of the word. by the_wolf_brigade-log by wasabifishDistorted Vision by Chica-Xthe rock dreams of being free by poopooramaImmortalis by rh89Count the Lines by auer1816What color is your house? by Tasha || As The Picture Fadesif we let him he will die ;-) by max.milion~ by ojoyous120080605_scan_0029 by mathias.pastwaboat by felicity crew0ooo. by lifeographyLady Boo Peep by cmiperseen better REFLECTION???? by robinn.clematis by Bernie KasperIt must be you by henrikjThe Eye by javiyWatching ones fate by Ryan Opaz

3 thoughts on “PhotoDump 06-15-2008

  1. dawn

    I go through the pool every few days and am amazed by the quality. Thanks for the inclusion in this wonderful group of photographers.

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