Four Prints For Sale on eBay

I meant to do more of these after I posted my first photo on eBay, but I completely lost track of things. So I finally found some time to post four new photos to eBay. These ones are posted a bit differently than the first one — there’s a low starting bid plus an unknown reserve amount. What reserve did I use? I guess you’ll have to place a bid to find out.

The photos will be printed, signed, and numbered by me (only one of each will be sold through eBay). This will be the only time these particular photos are offered via eBay — after this, the regular price will go back to the $500 neighborhood. So if you’ve had your eye on these photos, now’s the time to move on them!

8 thoughts on “Four Prints For Sale on eBay

  1. John

    I’m interested in getting some high quality prints done of some shots I’ve taken. Is there a place that are using to have your shots printed, or are you printing them yourself?

    Best of luck with the ebay sales. I think it’s a great idea and am really curious to hear how it turns out.


  2. Brian Auer Post author

    The signed prints I do are printed by a local guy with my guidance (he’s got the equipment, I don’t). But I’ve also purchased my own prints from ImageKind for my portfolios and I’ve been happy with the results (and price). I’ve heard several accounts of others being fairly happy with MPix too.

  3. jerry

    How have your eBay sales gone in general? I have considered this, but never got around to it. Plus, I am horrible with self promotion. :p

  4. John Milleker

    I’ve printed with Costco for some jobs and if you’re lucky to have great photo people at your location (like my Costco does) the prints are amazing. In my general area Drycreekphoto has profiles for two places. My pro lab (who I visit for high end jobs – at around 5-15x the price) and Costco.

    It just doesn’t pay to print my own anymore, if I don’t like a print from Costco, which is far and few between they’ll re-print it for free and usually while I wait.

    I’ll be watching these, never thought eBay would be a very good outlet for photographs – prove me wrong Brian!

  5. Brian Auer Post author

    @Jerry I’ve only posted the one print prior to this one and it didn’t sell. I had a high starting bid on it, so I’m experimenting with various reserves and starting bids now. After a few more listings I’ll wrap my thoughts into a blog post.

    @John I’ve heard similar accounts from other photographers printing through Costco and being fairly happy with the results. And I sure hope to prove you wrong on the eBay thing too!

  6. Bob Simmons

    I’ll put a plug in for as well for getting prints made. They do an excellent job. I’ve also used with success. Smugmug lets you set up a storefront, though, which I use for photo sales.

  7. Brian Auer Post author

    Terrible. Even with promoting the stuff here on the blog, I’ve had no buyers. There were a few bids, but not enough to push the price over the reserve that I set. Seems that most buyers on eBay are looking to pay about $30 — which is about what it would cost me just to print the darn thing.

  8. Richard

    I agree about the comments regarding smugmug. Those guys seem well equipped for what you are doing. Hopefully the economic situation right now hasn’t affected your sales too much.

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