What’s Your Photo-Sharing Frequency?

This poll is aimed at those of us who share our photos on the web via the various photo-sharing websites. I’ve noticed that people tend to have their own habits for the number of photos they post over a given period of time. Some people post a certain number each day, others post all their photos as they shoot them, and others post only their best work.

Personally, I try to post 3 new photos each day — but only those that are from the “better” of my shots. I don’t limit my postings to my absolute best, but I don’t post every photo I take. I often process and choose photos in large batches, then release 3 each day so I have a steady stream of photos being published in between shoots.

So what do you guys do? One a day? Three a day? One every so often? Every photo all at once? Do you have a set strategy? Or do you just post images as you make them? I’m curious to hear your reasons in the comments too.


And if you can’t fit into any of these categories, drop a comment below.

25 thoughts on “What’s Your Photo-Sharing Frequency?

  1. Janne

    Completely random, and pretty much without concern for quality. My Flickr account is my backup and image file share as much as anything else. Anything I decide to keep around at all goes there as well (with the exception of family-and-friends images which I don’t post without explicit permission). So if an image passes some minimal quality standard; or it sucks but I need or want to keep it for the motive; or I want to show some technical aspect (say someone wonders if a lens I happen to own shows vignetting at open aperture); then it goes up there.

    I do wish Flickr could allow you to restrict your public stream to, for instance, images with a specific tag only. I still want all images to be public, but I would like to have some separate “best of”-stream I could refer people to, rather than having people face the disorganized storage room that is my current account.

  2. c3l5o

    Unfortunately I can’t afford more than a few a month right now. There are some months I don’t even post anything. Other months I share a few though…

    I’ve going trough a creative rut so I can’t say that I take that many pictures.

  3. Martin Wolf

    I don’t have a fixed rule for showing my photos. It’s more or less random. But I will try to show more pictures per month than right now. But only the really good ones, for my photography level.

  4. Mathew Ballard

    I try to do many a week. But that doesn’t always happen. The fact that I don’t get many views tends to stop me from posting photos and figure out what is wrong with what I’ve posted.

  5. Phill Price

    I post one a day. I used to post when I took them but I found shots were overlooked and the schedule means people come back to http://www.phillprice.com in anticipation once a day! It means that I only sit in front of a screen for a short period once a day and can devote the rest of my time to other things and people.

  6. Sven

    I usually try to post one image a week. I have not as much time to go out shooting as I would like to, and this way I will not “run” out of images to post.

  7. HY Wong

    I generally do most of my shooting over the weekend. These are then collated, collected and edited then shared onto my Flickr and then exported over to multiply.

    So Many per Week…. perhaps is the category I should be looking at.

  8. Barry Cunningham

    I’m not totally random, but I am somewhat irregular. I tend to shoot in large batches and take a while to process them. I also use my Flickr and kodakgallery accounts for backup. So I tend to upload hundreds every few weeks to couple of months. In all, amounting to a few thousand a year.
    My Zazzle gallery contains just what I consider the cream of the cream: photos that people might actually want to buy as prints, cards, postcards, stamps, or whatever.

  9. Amber

    One a day, unless I get a backlog, and only on weekdays – I politely steal use of Photoshop from my work.

    The most frustrating thing about a One-photo-a-day project is that you have to post even your crummiest, nastiest photos. On the days when you feel least inspired, you are still obligated (via your own compulsion and dedication) to post the worthless shot of your own face in the bathroom mirror or whatever random thing you snapped at 11:30 when you remembered you hadn’t shot yet.

    The project has vastly expanded both my technical expertise and my “photographer’s eye” and I’m very proud to have kept it going so far. But some days I really wish I could skip the posting part.

  10. Scott Coulter

    I’d love to be at a one-to-three a day pace, but I can’t keep up right now.
    Trevor’s “lights challenge” showed me that I just can’t shoot and post every day,
    no matter how hard I try. I guess the good thing would be to fit in a couple big
    shooting days, and then process and post as time allows. Sounds like that’s
    something like what Brian does.
    I do appreciate Brian and my other flickr contacts who reliably post something
    most every day… gives me something to look forward to.

  11. Gordan

    When I go out with my camera and make a stash of photos, I try to post one per day until I run out of those I like. Also, I usually post better pics first.

  12. Arlo

    My goal this year is to upload one photo everyday for the whole year. This has pushed me to do my walkabouts – rain or shine – almost everyday. I take a lot of photos so that I have some options for posting. When the rain was snow – and will be again – I will stay inside if it is too cold for the camera.

  13. Derek

    My overall photo challenge to myself for the year is one a day, though in practice it ends up being at least 7 per week. I shoot everyday, but don’t have the time to edit everyday, so I usually end up doing processing what I’ve shot once or twice a week.

    I post at least one for each day of the week, and if I have more that are worthy of sharing, I’ll post them.

  14. Chica

    The uploads are completely random, but on average I’d say 5 a week. More if I had a project that week or not, meaning if I got to go somewhere really neat and photographed the heck out of it while I was there. lol.

    I will say that I only post the best to certain sites, and the more “snapshots” in a private album. 🙂

  15. Royston

    Not enough. I have not had enough Post processing time lately. Too many summertime projects around the house. When the weather gets bad, I will be a posting fiend.

  16. Reese

    I chose random. I only have a free flickr account, so I just post what I can whenever. I had already used up my allotment for this month during the first week of it. My more serious photography is film, so unfortunately it gets put off.

  17. Gary Simmons

    I would love to get two photos onto flickr everyday…. but that seems to slip. I don’t like to post a ton of shots at once, as they tend to get missed by the flickr-viewing masses.

    Generally, I only post my favourites, and hold them back so that people see them. I’ve been experimenting lately with posting times, and it seems that photos posted in the early morning get more views…

  18. stephen gray

    I post fewer images than I used to. I’m getting into the habit of posting only two photos at a time and rarely do ever post more than four, unless I’m posting event photos. In which case, I’ll post the best 12 and put the rest in a linked gallery on Smugmug or elsewhere. I do a lot more self-editing on my part try to only post the strongest images of the pool I have to choose from. After following this upload pattern for a while now, I’ve found that the fewer photos I upload at a time, the more views each photo gets. I’ve also found that posting every-other-day, rather than everyday tends to increase views per photo as well.

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