PhotoDump 08-31-2008

More great stuff this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! I always find it fascinating how there tends to be one or two themes that are popular each week. This time I noticed a lot of TTV shots and interesting portraits.

Rescue BoardFive to Four by Zozman. by ojoyous1day311: autumn wind by what_milkGrace (Senior Portrait) by mark.mortensenGone by Marcus LibäckCirque de Troumouse - panorama by Stina Stockholmthe nightmare on christmas by lettertwelveVeronica by Digital Kloc PhotographyFun & SafetyPensive by lilahpopsThe note I left, the day she left (2008-08-28_30D_101-6078) by akhater by anthonyskeltonDay 189: 21 days by by TyCTaj Mahal (2) by tyt2000On Point by Chris Nixon20080530_151335_San Francisco SFMoMO Yerba Buena Gardens_IMG_0963 by topfloorfake young lovers by xysmas (Aaron)p rail by agruve96 by ChamplooNo Swim(ming)Crown by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurableSunset at Salt Creek by gavinjensenKick back and enjoy by bestgrampsNo Worries (2008-08-26_30D_101-6051) by akhaterCathedral of Santa Eulalia, Barcelona, Spain by by TyCCuriosity by brdavidsBound by jrodgersartA magnificent display by bryanvillarinPort-127 by s-t-r-a-n-g-elipstick and buns by poopooramaJump by Salvatore FalconeReflections of you by essjaytDan by Tasha || As The Picture FadesClose Face by /charlenehello kitty girl by xysmas (Aaron)Virginia Bluebell by Bernie KasperViewfinder by JanneMBiker Scout by MemnochspVintage Cowboy Boots by David A G WilsonBlinds by Andre BlythFlagsMuke - Juice by Auzigogpetals by pragnyanLike sand through your hands by henrikjLorne by bassqee

5 thoughts on “PhotoDump 08-31-2008

  1. Brian Auer Post author

    TTV = Through The Viewfinder.

    It’s typically done by shooting a digital camera through an older film camera that has a ground glass waist level viewfinder — so things like TLRs and Box Cameras. I’ve been itching to try it out with my Autocord.

  2. Dave Wilson


    Sorry – I broke your nice mosaic by making the mistake of replacing my photo with a better retouched version. If you want to fix the link at the second from bottom on the right, please replace “” with “”. I hate the way Flickr doesn’t maintain the old thumbnail names when you replace the main image but I guess they have all the old images hidden away somewhere and can’t do this.

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