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80 Photographers + 36 Networks = 257 Connections

We had a great response to the mini-project I announced last week on the topic of social networking and social photography. It’s always great to follow and connect with people of similar interests on the social networks, and as photographers we all have a lot in common. Personally, I’m far more included to accept contact with people on these networks if I know they’re a photographer — and from what I can tell, most of the links you guys provided were totally on-topic.

I was really amazed at how many different networks we’re a part of — some that I hadn’t even heard of before. All of the links left in the comments of the project post are listed below, separated by the network/website (most popular first) and listed in the order that they were received. If you’re part of these networks, check out these fellow photographers. And if you’re not a part of these networks, now is a good time to get started!

Enjoy the links folks, and go make some friends! (and let me know if I’ve messed up any of the links or left any out).



















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Portrait Project at (with prizes!)

Our friend, Udi, over at is opening up a little photography project on the topic of portraits. This one is way cool because you can choose from three different sub-projects to participate in:

  1. Black & White Portrait
    This category calls for a black & white portrait of someone meaningful to you. I’ll be judging this portion of the project.
  2. Color Portrait
    Same as above, but the photo must be in color. Jim Talkington will be judging this portion of the project.
  3. Portrait Photography Tips
    The final portion of the project will be a gathering of portrait photography tips. So if you have some good portrait advice, write it down and enter it into the project! This portion will be judged by the project-master, Udi Tirosh.

Each of the three judges will choose a winner from their category, and the winners will receive a free copy of Portrait Professional 8 software! The project will be open for submissions until September 4th, but don’t wait until the deadline to enter!

PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT: Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway

Link Roundup 08-02-08

Some interesting links from around the web this week…

  • 4,000 U.S. Deaths, and a Handful of Images
    An interesting piece from the NYTimes on the topic of war photographers and the censorship around their work. Zoriah, an artist recently featured here on Epic Edits (and a personal acquaintance of mine), is featured in this article due to his recent issues in Iraq.
  • 5 Reasons to Love Film Photography
    Rasmus Rasmussen Dot Com
    Film photography is so awesome — here are some reasons why.
  • tripod talk – from mini to mighty
    extreme macro photography trick
    Pro Photo Life
    Two great videos from Jim this week! A handy little discussion of tripods — the different types, and various ways to use them. And if you’re looking to get into macro photography on a budget, here’s an old trick for using some non-macro gear to give you macro capabilities.
  • The world’s biggest post about Photoshop
    This is a massive list of links to various other lists of Photoshop tutorials, textures, patterns, brushes, etc.
  • How to Take Portraits – 19 Portrait Photography Tutorials
    digital Photography School
    19 great portrait photography tutorials spanning everything from general tips, composition, subjects, travel, models, environments, posing, hands, clothes, candids, and much more!
  • Top 10 Tips for Getting Attention on Flickr
    The 10 Best Things About the New Adobe Lightroom 2.0
    Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection
    Thomas is on fire this week with some great articles! Popularity tips and tricks from a Flickr-master — he talks about various ways of increasing your exposure and gaining attention via Flickr. Coming from a Bridge user, this review of Lightroom 2 by Thomas Hawk sure says a lot. It looks like the software has some great features to offer.
  • July Challenge Recap
    September Challenge Announcement
    A couple of new things from too! The July Challenge was on the topic of lights and lighting fixutres — check out the results! (unfortunately, I started this one but didn’t finish). The next PhotoChallenge (scheduled for the month of September) will be on the topic of portrait photography, and I’ll be one of the three judges for a contest portion of it.
  • Photokina 2008 DSLR Speculation and Predictions
    1001 Noisy Cameras
    Some exciting speculations and predictions for the Photokina event — it looks like we’ll have all sorts of new toys to play with in the next year.
  • The Zen of Photowalking
    Photoshop Insider
    Jeff Revell goes over some tips for photowalking, including how to prepare, what to bring, and how to have a little fun.
  • 7 fun and interesting uses for a fisheye lens
    Here are some fun ways to get creative with a fisheye (or other wide angle) lens.
  • Creating a photo with a pure white background
    Leggnet’s Digital Capture
    A great explanation of the “in camera” technique for producing photos with pure white backgrounds.