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Big Story Coming From James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey is preparing to reveal his photographs, which highlight a shocking and underreported global crisis. Over the past 18 months, the TED community have been working with James to gain access to locations he wished to photograph, and to prepare spectacular plans for unveiling these pictures.

Photojournalist James Nachtwey is considered by many to be the greatest war photographer of recent decades. He has covered conflicts and major social issues in more than 30 countries. In putting himself in the middle of conflict, his intention is to record the truth, to document the struggles of humanity, and with this, to wake people up and stir them to action.

He is the winner of the 2007 TED Prize, awarding him $100,000 and one wish to change the world. This was his wish: “I’m working on a story that the world needs to know about. I wish for you to help me break it in a way that provides spectacular proof of the power of news photography in the digital age.”

On October 3, the story breaks…

For those of you out there with blogs of your own, you can help share this story by visiting the “help spread the word” page and grabbing the banner and/or video shown above.

Keep Out: Sewage Contaminated Water

Sewage Contaminated Water

I’ve often seen the warning signs around San Diego County beaches that appear immediately after rainfall warning visitors to stay out of the water due to runoff contamination, but this sign was a first for me. The yellow signs on the bottom warn of sewage contaminated water that may cause illness — and it hadn’t rained in many months, so the contamination was coming from another source.

This particular beach is located within the Border Field State Park just south of the Tijuana river outlet and north of the Mexican Border. Where the sewage contamination comes from, I have no idea — possibly from the river? At any rate, it’s a shame that these huge stretches of beach south of Imperial Beach are completely unused except for a few curious visitors to the state park. Not to mention the harm that is likely being done to the animals inhabiting this area.

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This photo is part of an Environmental Awareness Photography Project. The deadline for this project is October 18, and I’d encourage everyone to consider participating.

Orphan Works Panel Discussion

Jim Goldstein has recently published a panel discussion on Orphan Works with professional photographers Chase Jarvis, Dan Heller and John Harrington. With view points that span the spectrum from support to opposition of the Orphan Works legislation, it is Jim’s hope that the information and viewpoints within this discussion help you form your opinions on the topic.

The audio podcast is nearly 2 hours in length, but well worth a listen. This panel of prominent photographers discuss important questions such as “What is the Significance of the Orphan Works Legislation (OWL)“, “What are the Risks With OWL“, “Is This Equitable Legislation?“, “Does The Lack of DB Technology Required Put Photographers at Greater Risk?“, and much more. If you’re still fuzzy on the Orphan Works thing, definitely give this a listen.

EXIF and Beyond: Orphan Works Panel Discussion

PhotoDump 09-28-2008

More great stuff this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! I always get a kick out of browsing through all the photos each week.

Firewood II by DemiArtsMA-14 by {teegan}F18 Airflow by BrightonJelThe Muse by Steve Clokeinhabitant by skinjesterCamille by sebastian.yepes.inAnna Green Hood by funkyforkEffervescent  Lady by javiyHamburger Hafen Blohm+Voss by WhizkyHaley Butler by Matthew NasholmWax Statue (Week Seven of Fifty-Two) by Auzigogthat's how I roll by vandyll.netShadows by laanbathree by xgrayWest Texas Windmill at Sunset by JLStricklin by TyCJust a Rusty Old Flower by RussHeathDrive thru. by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurableday 62; green with envy. by kati brown.Monster Trucks by rexauerMidnight Conversation by rh89Zorro (261/366) by bryanvillarinFloating Jetty by From 10 to 300mmIMG_0126 by jrodgersartThey need paint by {Tasha}Wheel of Fortune by Chris NixonRoom for more. by Chris Farrugiaclutch. bored. by mrpittmanBattersea 033 by icemanukPort-125 by Victor Bezrukov by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurable by tenshi_crA sunset in your eyes by henrikjgolden sunset bokeh by *ojoyous1*vina-6968 by spudcheyneTaj Mahal (6) by tyt2000Misli - " The writing's on the wall " by Steve Cloke. by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurable2008-09-20_Canon EOS 30D_101-6786 by akhaterMorning fog by ron_mcCircle of Colors by milan teaJust be thankful for what you've got. by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurabledan_5264 by spudcheynetwins by Kristine BHBW Karl by AIA GUY..RwoodOggi ho raccolto by LaCos.It is a mystery to me by henrikjOver the Wall by rexauerJump by Brian AuerYou’d better hope and pray … by intermayer by magfBrothers by javiylegs by Ryan Holloway Photography747 by Christian KahlbomLindsay by Digital Kloc Photographyeye of the storm by PJZ by nicole beeHitler Teapot by BrightonJelAlmost 7pm by bryanvillarinSorry to "bug" you by

Link Roundup 09-27-2008

Photo Backup: It’ll Cost You

Dollars !
Creative Commons License photo credit: pfala

Digital photography is often thought of as “cheap” or “free” when it comes to snapping away. True, you don’t have to shell out the bucks each time you use your camera (as is the case with film). Also true is the fact that storage media is inexpensive.

But the brutal truth of photography, film or digital, is that it costs money to take and store photographs. And if you get serious about your photos and protecting them from loss or damage, the expenses only go up.

As your photo collection grows, you’ll need more hard drive space. Backing up those photos on other hard drives, DVDs, and online services… they all cost money. Additionally, things like hard drives and DVDs have a limited shelf life — so they’ll need to be replaced eventually.

My point is this: Save some money for storage and backups. The costs are recurring and ever-increasing. What good is that $800 camera body you just bought if you don’t have anywhere to put the photos? And how bad would it hurt if you lost all your photos from a hard drive crash and you had no backups?


Photo storage and backup is an essential part of photography. Don’t skimp on this stuff.

And the Final Winner of the $50 Film Camera Project is…

The_Wolf_Brigade with his trip to the asylum review of the Yashica Samurai X3.0 half frame camera! He had the most votes from the audience, and an honorable mention from each of the two official project judges. If you haven’t read his review yet, do yourself a favor and check it out! Here are our 3 project winners again:

Project Winner #1 - (49) Marine XI, by Erick CusiProject Winner #2 - (14) Handy Box, by Jan MorenProject Winner #3 - (15) Yashica Samurai X3.0, by Tomas Webb (aka The_Wolf_Brigade)

And if you still haven’t done so, make sure you scan through all 80 camera reviews in this project (or at least bookmark the page so you can find it when you’re ready to shop). And again, a big thanks to all the project participants and their hard work that went into those camera reviews.

How Many Photo Backups Do You Have?

To get us rolling with the photo backup series, let’s do a little poll to find out where everyone is at with their redundancy habits. This will help give me a better idea of who I’m writing to for the upcoming articles. It will also shed some light on typical habits of other photographers.


What I’m asking for is how many independent photo backups you maintain. I know RAID setups are kinda fuzzy, but let’s still count those as one. Other forms of backups can include internal or external hard drives, DVDs, flash drives, memory cards, online services, etc.


And based on the results of our last poll, I think we’ll be going forward without an Epic Edits forum. When asked if we want one, most people were in the “maybe” or “no thanks” category. And as many commented, there are a ton of already great forums out there, so why start another?

Photo Backup: An Intro to Data Security

Home Server v2
Creative Commons License photo credit: montini

Backing-up your photos is definitely important, but more important is getting in the habit of doing so. As time goes on and our skills increase, we tend to take more photos. Cameras keep getting bigger and pumping out more pixels too. I recently wrote about my exponential photo collection, and this illustrates what I’m talking about. If you don’t have good habits with your backups right now, you’ll be in a world of hurt one or two years down the road.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting articles in a series about photo backups. We’ll cover all the major methods of doing backups, including RAID towers, external hard drives, DVDs, online solutions, and more (but not necessarily in that order). At the end of the series, I’ll pull everything together in a eBook like we did with the Guide to Adobe Bridge.

To start things off, here are some articles that I’ve come across that cover various aspects of photo backups. Leave a link in the comments if you have some others in your own bookmarks.

PhotoDump 09-21-2008

More great stuff this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! I always get a kick out of browsing through all the photos each week.

Spyderphobia (2008-09-21_30D_101-6804) by akhaterSnowy Owl by ssphillips by PfenyaNo WorriesOld Car by rexauer by skinjester by ? Mathias Pastwa ?Brian look alike by bestgrampsMaisie with Feather by Steve ClokeHastings by CdL Creativesilence by photographie.inOne by cmiperOver the top by vandyll.netLaughter is the best medicine by JLStricklinpark. feets. by mrpittman by anthonyskeltonMarlinFirst Dance by {Tasha}The castle of Örebro (25) by Mattias ( is good. by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurableHot Licks by ???? ?So I missed mirror monday. by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurableBeing alone?! by visuellegedankenQuestion de calendrier by Guillaume LemoineGame On by Steffen RustenDanuska & Lukas by Kristofer AllenInvisible and silent by henrikjYou could call him Mike Dirnt by bryanvillarinx by Victor BezrukovStunnas by austincabotNeed a tire? by {Tasha}The bright future is right out there by Stina Stockholm02_tram by Latente "??"  <-- li metto perchè  fa figo by TyCFeets by ChamplooMV by /charleneMore by bestgrampsHarvest Moon by ssphillipswed_shell_5629 by spudcheyneCruising by Meredith PurvisThis is the answer by henrikjSt Pauls Cathedral (Black & White Version) by TheManWhoWasn'tThere by magfRope & Cleat by pshorten...untitled by little_fosforoPacked by bryanvillarinCascade Mountain by ssphillips